Can We Guess If You Drive a Manual or an Automatic Truck?

Ami Brown

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About This Quiz

Trucks can be powerful vehicles no matter if they are automatic or manual stick shifts. This quiz is a fun way to see if we can guess what type of truck is best for you based on some fun questions. Do you like the feel of controlling the power of your vehicle, or is a relaxing cruise control your idea of fun laid-back driving? We think we can guess. 

Manual trucks have been around since autos were invented, but the automatic is much more of modern day driving luxury. By answering these personality questions, we will see which one suits your the best. Many drivers today have never felt the grind of a clutch or the inevitable stalling on a steep hill in traffic. There is much more stress involved, footwork and hand-eye coordination to pull off confident stick-driving. The manual truck is not for everyone but is a lot of fun for those so inclined. 

The cruise control is almost standard now in automatic trucks and requires much less leg work. With the new self-driving, self-parking and all around car cameras, it's getting easier to drive with these hi-tech inventions and advances. Who knows what the future holds for automatics, but we think it could be quite amazing. Take this quiz and let's see what kind of truck best suits you - the modern automatic or the traditional manual. "Stick" it out and let's go.

If someone wanted to take you on an off-adventure, how would you respond?

Of the following choices, who would you say is your favorite hero?

Thinking about your overall coordination skills, which statement best describes you?

You're out on a casual drive and you have to stop on a steep hill; how does that make you feel?

Your friend can get tickets to any Broadway show; what do you choose?

If you had to take a dance class, what would you choose?

When working out in the gym, what part of the body do you concentrate on the most?

Buying gas is such a chore; what are your thoughts on gas or diesel?

When driving, how does it make you feel when changing gears?

Thinking back to when you were a kid, what career did you dream of having when you grew up?

What quote best describes you when out for a drive or casual trip?

When it comes to your natural abilities, which hand do you favor?

When dressing up for Halloween, what costume would you rather wear?

On an average daily drive, how do you usually slow down and stop?

If you take a road trip with a friend, how long is "long enough"?

If you got the chance to go anywhere, what is your idea of ultimate fun?

Formally speaking, what is your favorite pair of shoes when you must dress up?

What nickname would you associate yourself with the most?

Some people love to work with their hands; how do you feel about that?

When you learned to drive, what kind of vehicle did you first practice on?

Of the list below, which of these vehicles would be on your bucket list?

On a casual Sunday drive, what are your go-to-pants style?

When you travel, what kind of climate or weather do you gravitate toward the most?

When it comes to identifying vehicle brands, how well do you think you know them without seeing the hood logo or name?

When it comes to cruising around town, what do you consider the ultimate driving experience?

Look at your hands and fingers; how best would you describe them?

Let's talk about your routine; which phrase best describes how you go about your day?

Thinking about the bling and accessories you enjoy wearing, which statement best describes your style?

If you could choose any color for your next vehicle, what would it be?

Using your wildest imagination, if you could pick your dream car, what would it be?

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