Can We Guess If You Drive a Dodge or Ford Truck?

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The rivalry between Dodge and Ford doesn't just play out on the roads today; it dates back to when automobiles were first created. Henry Ford and John and Horace Dodge have been rivals since the early 1900s.

The Dodge brothers were early investors in Ford, but Ford shut out its investors by revoking shareholder dividends. The Dodge brothers sued and then started their own business creating the Dodge Model 30 to compete with Ford's Model T.

As you can see, the Dodge vs. Ford rivalry is as old as trucks themselves and started at the very top before working its way down to everyday drivers who need to choose between the two brands. 

To this day, both companies make some of the best trucks on the road. After all these years working on perfecting their craft, why wouldn't they? But the fact remains they appeal to different people. Some people will never, ever switch from one brand to the other. It would be unheard of. Are you one of them? Are you a Ford Fanatic or a Dodge Diehard? Do you think we can guess where you fall on the spectrum? Why not hit the open road with this quiz and we'll find out for sure.

For the most part, do you need a truck for work or for pleasure?

Do you like a more rugged truck, or are you into sportier vehicles?

Torque or horsepower?

Are you a fan of the tailgate party?

What are your thoughts on Chevy trucks?

If a truck wasn't an option, what kind of vehicle would you prefer?

How many trucks have you owned?

When you're on the open road, do you ever find yourself going a little faster than you should?

Do you care if someone wants to eat messy food in the passenger seat of your truck?

What are your thoughts on bumper stickers?

How many parking tickets have you racked up in your day?

If you hit a wicked pothole and gut one of your tires, are you able to change it yourself?

Do you have jumper cables in your truck right now?

Do you ever let people ride on the bed of your truck?

What was the coolest-looking classic truck not made by Ford or Dodge?

Let's pick a muscle car!

How often do you tow something with your truck?

Do you know how to drive a truck with a manual transmission?

What would we find in the bed of your truck if we took a look right now?

Do you run a tight ship and keep your truck spic and span, or does it get a little messy?

What's the radio tuned to in your truck?

What are your thoughts on an extended cab?

Where do you park your truck at the end of the day?

Is anyone else allowed behind the wheel?

How do you deal with scratches and dents?

Where did you get your truck?

Most people don't do this, but if you had to, in a pinch, could you change your oil?

Would you ever let a dog ride shotgun?

If we ran out of domestic trucks, in which foreign truck would you drive around?

Your truck needs a paint job. Pick a color!

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