Can We Guess If You Could You Be a Secret Agent?

Brian Whitney

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Of all the potential careers in the world, is there any more intriguing than being a secret agent? Is there any career that's even more dangerous? 

To be a secret agent, you must be immensely skilled at many things. You have to be intelligent, able to blend into any situation, you have to be well spoken with the gift of gab, and you have to be able to take care of yourself if a physical altercation goes down.

But there are two things that all good secret agents have. They are all incredibly trustworthy and they have the ability to lie extremely well. And that's the thing about being a secret agent: if you are one, you pretty much have to be good at it. It isn't like if you're bad you get fired. Instead, you get captured and thrown in some foreign prison. And who wants that?

So do you have the ability to be James Bond? Do you even have the desire to? Just thinking about being a secret agent makes a lot of people not want to get off the couch. Take this quiz and we'll let you know if you're secret agent material. We promise we won't tell anyone how you do. Unless of course, we are secret agents too.

When are you most likely to sing?

How often do you lie?

Can you look someone in the eye and not tell the truth?

Would you let your parents pick out someone for you to date?

What would be the best news you could get today?

What fairy tale character is most like you?

Do you trust people?

Would you be able to make tools to escape if you were captured?

Have you ever had a long affair?

Are you good at keeping secrets from family and friends?

What is most unforgivable to you?

What would you most like to be?

Which of these words would your ex most likely use to describe you?

What position do you sleep in?

What is your biggest weakness?

What is your favorite holiday?

What movie sounds fun to see?

Which of these is your favorite James Bond?

Are you good at blending in with the crowd?

Can you easily change your appearance if you needed to?

Do you want to be famous?

How often do you use slang?

How do you handle stress?

What 'wrong" activity might you pay someone to do for you?

What class sounds best?

Which of these TV shows do you like best?

How many foreign languages do you speak?

Where would you sit in an empty coffee shop?

Could you hang out in one place all day if you were spying on someone?

How much time do you spend on your hair?

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