Can We Guess If You Belong in the North or the South Based on Your Manners?

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One of the biggest American cliches is the distinction between people who come from the North and those who hail from the South. Even before the U.S. Civil War, one of the most critical conflicts in human history, pitting the North directly against the South in battle, people from the North and South were different from one another. 

In the American South, open plains and fertile soil provided plenty of space for farms to spring up in the 18th and 19th centuries. On the other hand, Northerners often specialized in merchant businesses or other specialized crafts, like blacksmithing. Southerners are said to listen to country and folk music, while most Northerners prefer rock, hip-hop and R&B sounds. 

Arguably the main difference between the North and South is their pace of life. To really know the difference, it's best to spend some time in cities in both regions. Northerners are more likely to pack their days with meetings and get-togethers, while people in the South like to take it easy, savoring every moment like a delicious bite of pie. 

But at the end of the day, people from the North and South are still looking for the same things: health, wealth and strong family ties. They just go about seeking these things in different ways. Get through the questions in this quiz, and we'll tell you if your social characteristics are more in line with the North or the South. 

How do you respond when someone says something nice about you?

Who should you hold the door for?

How many meals per day should a person eat?

What is your idea of a relaxing weekend evening?

What does your dream job involve?

Food is a big part of regional culture. Which of these is your favorite meal for breakfast?

Which of these famous TV characters do you look up to most?

What's the proper action to take before eating a meal?

What's the best way to invite guests to a party?

Which of these phrases are you most likely to use when ending a question?

How do you greet an old friend?

What do you do when you disagree with someone in conversation?

How would you let someone know that they have something in their teeth?

Someone invites you over to their house for dinner. What do you bring?

How would you describe the intensity of your religious beliefs?

How do you begin asking someone for assistance with something?

Someone at work is acting rude. How do you handle it?

How long does it take you to RSVP to an invitation?

How much should you spend on a wedding gift?

What phrase do you use to describe your thoughts?

Would you describe yourself as punctual?

You made plans with friends, but something came up and you have to cancel. How do you break the news?

The people around you are gossiping about someone you don't know. How do you handle it?

Are you a big fan of wearing hats?

How do you say no to someone without hurting their feelings?

You're with a group, walking toward a table to eat. What's your first move?

How often do you talk to your parents?

What do you do after finishing a big meal?

You are on a first date, and the check comes. What happens next?

You've been invited to a formal event in the summertime, outdoors. What will you wear?

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