Can We Guess If You Are a Baby Boomer or a Millennial From Your Opinions of These Snacks?

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The Baby Boomer generation was born between 1946 and 1964, while Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996, although the Millennial year ranges are seemingly always changing. Sometimes Millennials get a bad rap, but the world is going to have to change to accommodate their downward mobility and the income inequality that has been the hallmark of their adulthood.

Even more than the birth years themselves are the trends and fads that define generations. There are also so many stereotypes out there for both generations, like Baby Boomers  watching the news and eating nothing but meat and potatoes, while the Millennials buy so many avocados that they will never be able to buy homes. While Millennials may be eating a ton of avocado toast, that most certainly is not the reason they aren't buying homes. It's more likely the student loan debt weighing them down. The Boomers weren't without their struggles as well. They were born in a time where racism was more explicit and gender roles were way more rigid.

To settle a few things, Baby Boomers watch more than just the news, and Millennials are not kids, as some of them are nearing 40 years old. Which generation do you fall into? Pick some snacks and we'll try to guess if you're a Baby Boomer or a Millennial!

It's movie night! What are you snacking on?

When you out for a day trip, what car snacks are you stocking up on?

You're a little peckish after dinner. What are you reaching for?

Is there a certain snack that you eat more than any other snack?

Is there a holiday that has better snacks than others?

If someone were to ask you what your favorite candy bar is, what would you say?

Midnight snack alert! What is your sleepy self craving?

When you were in school, what snack were you always hoping to find in your lunch box?

Now it's time for a sleepover. The gang is hungry. What do you rummage through the pantry for?

You're putting together a care package for a friend. How do you pick the perfect snacks to go inside?

If you had to pick one snack to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Would you go to a restaurant that only served snacks?

Let's say you win the lottery. What snack would you spend the most money on?

When you throw a party, what staple snack is at the table?

Yo've got your hiding places in the house for your special snacks. Which ones are off-limits to everyone else?

Movie theater snacks are expensive! What are you sneaking in?

Quick! You have 5 seconds to tell your partner what you want from the store before they leave. What do you say?

Did you really just have a dream about snacks? Yes, yes you did. What snack was the star?

Imagine you're expecting. What snack is your biggest craving?

In times of sadness, what snack makes you feel better?

Which candy goes the best with ice cream?

Do salty snacks reign supreme?

Would you put a savory snack in a sweet dessert?

What types of snacks will you not let your kids have?

Do certain snacks bring back memories?

Good morning! What cereal are you diving into a bowl of?

Breakfast wasn't really filling enough. What are you eating to hold you over until lunch?

Crackers can be pretty boring. What are you putting on top to jazz them up?

Do you think snacks can be meals?

It's your last day on Earth. What snack do you pull out of your pocket?

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