Can We Guess How Tall You Are?

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From washing dishes to sitting in a waiting room, height affects an incredible amount of our daily lives. Answer some questions about how you live your life, and we'll use that information to calculate your height. Play on to find out how accurate we are!

How often do you hit your head when walking around?

Do you require the assistance of stools in any aspect of your daily life, like when attempting to reach the top shelf of a pantry?

How difficult is it for you to find clothes in your size?

What sorts of alterations could be made so your clothes fit better?

If you wanted to look into someone's eyes while greeting them, odds are you'd likely have to tilt your head in what direction?

What part of your body/shirt gets wet when hand washing dishes?

Are you any good at limbo? How low can you go?

Have you ever tried to fit yourself into a high school locker?

Are you part of any competitive sports teams?

Do you ever (or could you) wear juniors or kid-sized clothing?

Which of these casual dress shoes are your favorite?

Do you struggle to find romantic partners who meet your general height expectations?

How old are you?

When looking into the typical above-the-sink bathroom mirror, how much of your body is visibly reflected from your vantage point?

How often do people completely misjudge your age?

What size car is ideal for your height (leg space, being able to see over steering wheel, reaching the peddles)?

In a swimming pool, at what point does it become the deep end?

During your pubescent years, how would adults describe you?

Have you ever been turned away from an amusement park ride because you didn't fall within the height requirements?

Does your seat belt ever choke you or otherwise sit uncomfortably on your neck?

Do stores usually carry your shoe size?

What do relatives usually comment on when you see them?

Are you any good at jumping long distances?

Would you describe your height as an advantage or a disadvantage?

Are you able to find many suitable options at thrift stores?

How would you describe your body shape?

What problem do you usually run into with chairs and sitting?

Has anyone ever made fun of your height?

What problem do you most often run into when it comes to jeans?

What athletic event would you be best at?

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