Can We Guess How Religious You Are, on a Scale of 1–10?

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Religion either polarizes people or brings them together. People tend to see religion as a way to come together in community or view it as an excuse for people to judge others. Religion dominates political debates, as the moral foundation offered to argue for legislation, at the same time that freedom of and from religion is viewed as crucial to democracy. Although this aspect of identity and perspective holds such a central place in cultural life, many believe it’s foolish to bring up religion at the dinner table. Harsh words fly; tensions rise; the food gets cold. 

But most people know that there are many different ways of being religious. A person may have been raised in a Christian home, identify vaguely with being Christian, yet not have set foot in a church for 20 years. Or, someone may reject all formal religions, yet spend hours each week in ecstatic meditation, aware of an all-encompassing presence. According to the Pew survey of the American religious landscape, 70.6% of Americans identify as Christian, 5.9% follow a religion other than Christianity, 22.8% claim no religious affiliation, and .6% say they don’t know. 

How much of your religious beliefs come into your day-to-day life? Can we guess where you land in the religious spectrum by finding out about your daily practices and beliefs about the nature of life? We think so! Are you a believer? Let’s find out the truth with this quiz! 

If you were trying to decide whether or not to marry someone, what would you do?

Which of the following most centers you?

What most profoundly shapes your religious beliefs?

If you encounter a beautiful mountain vista, what is your response?

On what occasion would you miss a religious service?

If your child asked you what happens when people die, where would your answer come from?

When someone brings up religion at a dinner party, what do you do?

What is the purpose of religion?

Where do you feel the most inspired?

What do trees symbolize?

What is most important for children’s education?

If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you worry about today?

What is sacred?

Where would you most like to be married?

With whom do you identify when it comes to their struggles?

What causes you to doubt your assumptions about religion?

What do you see as your life’s work?

What do you do before diving into a feast?

What does great art communicate?

Why do people harm each other?

What do you read with your morning coffee?

What do you have memorized?

Where does your mind go when something goes tragically wrong in life?

What would a conversation with a friend about religion look like?

Is it ever OK to tell a white lie that no one would ever find out about?

What will bring the world as we know it to an end?

Is there such a thing as right and wrong?

Why do people go to church?

What is important to you about your favorite holiday?

Is there a plan for the history of the world?

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