Can We Guess How Old Your Truck Is?

Mark Philip Lichtenstein

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About This Quiz

Is your truck older than dirt, or did it just roll off the showroom floor? We know you love it no matter what, but we want to take a gander at your beloved truck's age. Would the term beatdown apply, or would it be more like ballin'? With your help, we want to figure it out!

To get it right, we're going to take a look at your truck's interior and exterior details. It might be the amount of dirt in your floorboard or the number of rust bubbles in your paint that gives away your truck's age. We are certain that you've taken great care of it, but aging takes its toll on a vehicle just like it does with us mere mortals. Tell us about your truck's quirks, rattles and towing capacity. From there, we'll be able to gather the intelligence required to be correct!

We are not implying that your 75-year-old truck might not look like the winning contestant at a truck show, but we are saying that we can figure it out! Try to step back from your undying affection for your truck, and be honest with your answers! Are you ready to see what we come up with? Start your engines!

What was the original color of your truck?

What color is your truck now?

What kind of upholstery did your truck come with?

What kind of upholstery does your truck have now?

What kind of headlights did your truck come with?

What kind of headlights does your truck have now?

How fuel efficient is your truck, for a truck?

How fuel efficient is your truck, for a car?

Do you use your truck for work?

What do you typically load your truck with?

Have you ever been in an accident with your truck?

Assuming you've been in an accident, was it on a work site?

Have you had to replace any parts on your truck?

Did you unnecessarily replace any parts?

Do you carry a spare tire?

How survivable is your truck?

Is your truck American?

Is your truck made of steel or aluminum?

How many cylinders?

Does your truck have as many cylinders as you'd like it to?

How many pounds feet of torque does your truck have?

Do you off-road your truck?

Have you ever thought a country song could be about your truck?

If you were to transport a dog in your truck, where would you put it?

Do you transport a dog ever?

How many people can you fit in your truck?

If you were getting a new truck, which would it be?

Would you consider modding your truck for power?

Would you consider modding your truck for lightness?

Have you replaced any body panels on your truck yet?

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