Can We Guess How Old You'll Be Turning in the Next Year?!

Zoe Samuel

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Whether it's a significant milestone or just a quick marker on the road to old age, living until your next birthday is better than the alternative! How old will you be this year?

Kids these days: am I right?

Do you miss the good old days?

Do you have a wrinkle?

Do you have a pimple?

Can you get out of a comfy chair without going, "Ooof"?

Do you love your phone?

When the phone rings, does that make you happy or sad?

How long have you had email?

What age did you learn to touch type?

How did people hang out before the Internet?

How do you RSVP to an invitation?

How do you send an invitation?

How do you show you like something?

Where are you having your party?

When you're sad, how do you cheer yourself up?

How do you feel about Russia?

Do you worry about global warming?

Do you worry about nuclear war?

Do you own a tablet?

What age did you first get a phone?

How long is your attention span?

What else do you do while you watch TV?

Do you consider future sea level rise when you think about buying a house?

When did you last go to the gym?

Who is your favorite band?

Is there such a thing as a Youtube star?

Do you believe it happened if there is no photographic proof?

Do you Instagram your food?

Do you call people on the actual phone?

What counts as a date?

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