Can We Guess How Old You Are and How Old You Act Based on These Strange Questions?

By: Haiden Steingass
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Just because you are a certain age does not mean you act that way. Maybe you are in your teens and feel like you should be living the life of a 55-year-old. But perhaps you are 55 and still acting like a teenager, which is often perceived as immature or childish. The fact of the matter is, because of varying personalities, very few people genuinely act their age. 

Take the wildly popular show, "Friends," for example. While all the characters are relatively the same age (late twenties at the start of the series), there are a few stand-out characters that act quite different than what their birth certificate would claim them to be. Joey is an aspiring actor and beloved air-head, who tends to act more like a 15-year-old kid than a grown man. And Monica, the "mom" of the group, tends to lean opposite of that. She's a clean-freak who loves to cook, take care of others, and be in full control of every situation. Some would call her an "old soul" because she has a deep longing to settle down and have a family, even at a young age. 

The old souls of the world may be able to relate to Monica, while the young-at-heart would relate more to Joey, feeling as though they may have been born in the wrong generation, depending on their taste in music, clothing, hobbies, and entertainment. So, has anyone told you to "act your age?" Take this quiz, and we'll let you know how old you are and how old you act based on these strange questions. 

Who is one person you pretend to like?

What's one word you say way too often?

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