Can We Guess How Many Siblings You Have?

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One fairly universal truth is that everyone in the world who is blessed with siblings has, at some point, expressed the view that they wish they were an only child. This usually comes up during two key life stages: the first is early childhood when any and all infractions on the part of a sibling will tend to result in cries for a retroactive only-child status. This particular issue usually resolves itself simply enough as the siblings soon realize that actually, having to share a cake, bedroom, or back seat of a car with another human being is not the end of the world. The second flare-up is sometime in late middle age and only applies if there is an inheritance to be divided up. As the saying goes, you never really know someone until you've shared an inheritance with them. Hopefully, of course, there is either too much or too little money to worry about this, or the siblings can figure it out.

Otherwise, having a sibling is mostly upside. There are more people to share the load of elder care or to call in an emergency. There are people who've shared memories with you and who you can always count on. Your family events come with a built-in best friend. Plus, think of all the spare kidneys! Yep, siblings truly are a blessing. Let's figure out how many of them you have!

Do you get dizzy with excitement when you get new clothing?

Can you sleep through anything?

Do you anticipate trouble when it's time to read the will?

How fast an eater are you?

At what age did you learn to sit nicely in a restaurant?

Did you have a bunk bed growing up?

Do you get lonely easily?

Do you sleep with a white noise machine?

How much do you worry about caring for elderly parents?

At what age did you get pocket money?

Were you allowed to go out and about on your own?

Do you know how to love someone but not like them very much sometimes?

If you change under a towel, what are the odds people will see you naked?

If you have a plate with several things on it, in what order do you eat those things?

Do you get touchy if people borrow your stuff?

Do you have to think hard about who would be in the bridal party at your wedding?

Do you sometimes feel like only your dog gets you?

How many "in case of emergency" contacts are in your phone?

Are you obliged to put up with anything from someone because you're related?

Do you have a family of choice?

Can you have a massive screaming fight with someone then be best friends five minutes later?

How do you feel when people are tactful with you about how your outfit looks, instead of honest?

Does our culture offer good, clear language to describe your most important relationships?

Do you know how to shower in fewer than two minutes flat?

Can you find your way around a room in total darkness because you didn't have a nightlight and had to get to your bed in the dark?

Do you always feel like you have a team behind you?

How discreet are you?

When did you learn to use group messaging?

Did the initial five accounts offered by early internet providers cause relief or strife in your household?

What did you have to do to get your first car?

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