Can We Guess How Many Jobs You'll Have in Your Life?

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Everyone remembers their first job - the scary feeling of going to the interview, the nerve-wracking first day and the good times they had. Well, maybe not all were good times. You may have met some good people, though! Often, you start out in a part-time entry-level job and work after school. Some are lucky enough to bypass that and go to an apprenticeship first. No matter how you enter the working world, it's a start to the rest of your life.

While it can be hard to tell your future, it can be easier by learning about your personality. If you're the type of person to hold one job for your entire life, you might be afraid of change or just like to feel comfortable. If you're the type to hold many jobs, you're probably happy to embark on new or scary adventures. There's no right or wrong way to live your life or go about your career.

So, if you're ready to find out how your career will go, then you're gonna have to tell us a little about yourself first. Take the quiz to see if you'll be a one-job type of person or hold many in your exciting career!

Your friend is venting to you about their problems. In which of the following ways do you react?

Do you consider yourself to be independent?

Some love a challenge, while others dread it. Are you up for one?

Making plans is something that some people enjoy, while others dread it. Which of the following do you do when a friend makes plans with you?

Someone is talking smack about your best friend. What do you do?

While you might try to deny it, almost everyone has a fear. What is yours?

In a world where everyone has multiple skills and talents, there's always something that stands out. Your greatest strength would be which of the following?

It's time to receive an award for your work. Which award would you win?

Think back to your days in school. Were you a good student?

There's something about all of us that is great. Which personality trait would someone say is the best about you?

Someone at work does something that annoys you. What do you do about it?

Which person are you when faced in a group situation?

Even though things might not always go your way, would you say that you're usually optimistic anyway?

If the world was going to end tomorrow, what would you do?

Do you have a strong conscience?

Your friend cancels on you the day you're supposed to hang out. How do you handle it?

Risks can be scary. In your opinion, risk takers are what?

A friend needs help and asks if you'd be up for the task. What do you do?

No matter how tough you may feel, sometimes fear can take over you anyway. How do you overcome it?

Your vacation time rolls around. What are you doing for it?

If you were a royal family member, what would your title be?

Everyone has a job that they've always dreamed of doing. Which of the following would be your dream job?

Do you enjoy making new friends or do you stick with a close group of best friends?

Do you like trying new things or does it scare you?

Whether in work or play, it's likely that you'll experience a fair share of criticism. How do you handle it?

Uh-oh, a client is upset about some work that you delivered. What do you do?

While you might enjoy hanging the mistletoe, this time of year usually causes a lot of stress. How do you feel when you see the holidays approaching?

When going to an interview, what are you most nervous about?

Which of the following songs best describes you?

We have many luxuries in the world, but it can be hard to think of what we would do without them. Which of these things couldn't you imagine a world without?

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