Quiz: Can We Guess How Many Female Friends You Have?
Can We Guess How Many Female Friends You Have?
By: Jennifer Post
Image: Klaus Vedfelt / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Whether you created your core group of girlfriends in middle school, high school, college or work, that group is your rock. It doesn't have to be a big group, but you know you can rely on any one of them, or all of them at the same time, to be there for you. Some people have the personality to carry ten friendships at one time, while others are more comfortable with just a few. Then there are those who fall somewhere in between.

Personalities vary, and sometimes it's hard to find a lot of people whose character matches up with yours, or who you feel you can get along with even if they have a different personality. Even within your friend group, you have different relationships with different people. There's that one friend who is always down for early morning yoga and brunch. Then there's the friend you can count on when you want to pig out and eat massive amounts of pizza. All of these different types of friendships is what makes a person well-rounded. We can definitely guess how many female friends you have based on your answer to these questions! Grab your girls and take this quiz together!

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What's a normal hang out for you and your friends?

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How often do you hang out with all of your female friends at once?

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What celebrity female friendship, real or fiction, is your favorite?

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How did you meet your current girl gang?

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Do you need time to yourself after a lot of socializing?

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