Can We Guess How Many Countries You've Been To?

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Only 36 percent of Americans hold a passport. That means nearly two-thirds of Americans have no plans to travel internationally. While some of the Americans who don't have a passport probably did at one time, it's unlikely that number is very big, since most people with passports renew them. Compare this with the U.K., where 70 percent of the people usually have a passport. The bottom line is that U.S. citizens don't travel outside the country very often, so those Americans who do travel outside of the U.S. are a rarefied breed.

Once you have a passport, it is natural to think about the possibilities. Will you fill it with stamps? Will you finally make that trip to Japan or Egypt? Who will you take with you? Will you have any life-changing experiences while you are away? As you begin to travel the world, your perspective may shift. You may learn to see others' ways of life as being superior to ours in some way, or you may learn to appreciate home in ways you did not before. Travel opens new worlds to us, and the more you travel, the more travel will leave its indelible mark on you. Do you think we can guess how many countries you've been to? We think we have what it takes.

Which of the following types of weather do you like best?

What would you want to bring on a trip to Bermuda?

What's your second language?

If you were to study another language, which one would you want to learn?

What should you keep in mind when visiting Israel?

Do you have any special skills known to come from outside the U.S.?

What's the name of the country from which the United States won its independence?

How close do you live to a major international airport?

Do you live near the northern or southern borders of the United States?

How much family do you have outside of the U.S.?

How many foreigners have you dated?

What must you remember when visiting the U.K.?

Where do you get your news?

What was the highest degree you earned?

What do you think of single-payer health care systems?

How tolerant are you of unfamiliar cultural traditions around food?

What should travelers remember about bowing in Japan?

Which of these foods is where you draw the line?

How many pages can you read during a transatlantic flight?

How many times have you swapped out the SIM card in your phone?

What would you avoid at dinner in Saudi Arabia?

What do you do when a pilot announces that your international flight will land in a half hour?

How well do you drive manual?

How well do you navigate unfamiliar public transportation systems?

What TV show with British origins do you watch?

What kind of shoes would you take on vacation to Italy?

Which of these types of jobs would you consider?

What kind of credit card do you have?

What kind of fantasy car do you wish you had?

What item can't you travel without?

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