Can We Guess How Long You've Been Single?

By: Jody Mabry
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About This Quiz

Studies show that around 50% of the people in the United States who are 16-years-old or older are single. That means that there are nearly 125 million people out there who are available and looking - including you. With such a huge number, it's difficult to understand why anyone is single, and yet it happens. 

Most single adults attribute their lack of dating prowess to several key factors which include: a busy schedule, taking time away from the dating scene, not finding the "right" person, and the most popular - it's just really hard to get out there and meet someone because I'm shy around strangers. For some people, this might mean being single for a few weeks. For others, months, and for some, you could have been single for years. 

So, if you're looking, how do you sneak ahead in line to find that perfect partner? It always helps by evaluating yourself. Do you smell like a meadow of jasmine, or the neighbor's dumpster? Do you smile pleasantly when you meet strangers or do you grimace and look away? These are questions you should be prepared to answer as we try to figure out how long you've been single.

Take this quiz for fun, for self-reflection and most of all - for love!

How long did your last relationship last?

How long do your relationships generally last?

How comfortable are you in a relationship?

How do most of your relationships end?

What personality trait do you look for in a partner?

Do you date people who are "right" for you?

Which physical feature are you most attracted to?

What kind of a date are you?

Do you enjoy being single?

How do you get back into the dating scene?

Do you usually know if someone is right for you after the first date?

Do you have kids?

What type of work do you do?

How dedicated are you to your work?

What is your dating drink maximum on a date?

What kind of person will you refuse to date?

Do you like to date around to find the right person?

How do you know you smell nice?

How do you maintain your mouth odor?

How do you show someone you like them?

What is your first date personality?

You're walking down the street and a stranger smiles at you. How do you respond?

How do you sleep?

Are you a loyal person?

When do you know it's been too long since you've been in a relationship?

Which unique career would you think is sexy for a partner?

What level of education should potential partners have?

Are you okay with someone who makes more money than you?

How old do you want to be when you get married?

How many single years would you wait until you give up on looking?

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