Can We Guess How Fast You Can Run a Mile?

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About This Quiz

Running a mile means different things to different people. If you're training to run short distances and have been working on your mile times, you might be able to go really fast and if you're in really good shape, you still might be able to do pretty well on a mile, even if you haven't been training at all. Then we have those who are more geared toward distance running than sprinting. They are all about the journey and want to take their time and watch the world go by. Finally, there are those of us that are maybe just a bit out of shape and have to really take our time and maybe walk a bit, which, of course, is totally fine. It takes training and hard work to get better at things, and, hey, at least you're out there doing it!

We have come up with a series of questions that we think will let us know where you're at when it comes to your mile times, so take this quiz and we will let you know how you would do. And don't worry, there aren't any hills to climb, but you do have to go past one ice cream shop. No stopping!

Do you feel like you're in good shape?

Do you eat well?

What is your favorite part of fitness?

Do you lift weights?

What class might you take?

Have you ever run a marathon?

Have you ever done a half marathon?

What is a typical breakfast?

Are you a good swimmer?

Can you keep up with small kids?

What do you consider a good hike?

Can you balance on one foot?

Can you talk while jogging?

Can you do a lot of squats?

How would you describe your body type?

Can you touch your toes?

How often do you eat fast food?

Where do you shop the most?

How much water do you drink?

Do you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables?

Did you run in high school?

Do you run a lot now?

Do you work at a desk job?

Do you plank?

How often do you take the stairs over the elevator?

How many flights of stairs seems like a lot to you?

How many pushups can you do easily?

Have you ever taken a running class?

You need something at the store which is a mile away, what do you do?

What is the farthest you have walked over the last year?

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