Can We Guess at What Age You Became Religious?

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With so many interesting and diverse religions around the world, it can be tough to pick one and stick to it. Whether you were born into a devoutly religious family or you've come into it on your own, there had to be a certain age when you found your religious groove. Once you answer the faith-based questions in this quiz, we will be able to tell when you had your moment of being called by your higher power. 

Since you're here, we are going to go ahead and assume that you practice your religion on a regular basis. As you go through the questions we've provided, you'll leave us little clues about the time in your life when it became front and center for you. Some of you might have been religious since your days as a kid in the Sunday school rooms, but some of you might have waited until you could decide as an adult. 

Regardless of how it happened, the age you were when it became important will pop out in your answers. Try to be as honest as you can, and we will do the same unto you. It's not an ancient scroll, but scrolling through the questions will tell us all we need to know. Will you forgive us if we get it wrong? 

Good, bad or dodgy? Which way did your moral compass point before becoming religious?

If you knew a friend's partner was cheating, would you have to say something?

Was there a specific life event that made you look into religion more?

If you had to choose a virtue that you find most important, which one would you pick?

When you were young, did you go through a rebellious phase?

Of all the stories in the Bible, which one would you say inspires you the most?

When you attend services, where do you like to sit?

Be honest! Which of the Seven Deadly sins have you committed in your lifetime?

You've seen someone take something that doesn't belong to them. Do you say something?

Out of all the Ten Commandments, which one is the most important to uphold?

You've won a free ticket to visit your favorite sacred site! Where are you going?

Think back to your childhood—were you raised in a religious household?

What do you think you have in common with religious figures like Noah?

You get to teach your own religious class! Which age would you prefer to teach?

Your church is having a fundraising event. What are you going to donate?

Do you feel like you are so religious that others hold back around you so they don't offend you?

In your mind, what is the afterlife like?

If you had one wish for humanity, what would it be?

Using one word, what do you like most about your church leader?

Which of the religious tenets is most important to teach young children?

Do you get dressed up in your finest clothes to attend services?

If you could go back to school to study any religion, which one would it be?

Would you say your religious community is more like family to you?

A beautiful rainbow appears in the sky. What do you do?

Think about your relationship with your religion. Which word renews you when you're feeling low on faith?

If you compared yourself to one of Jesus' apostles, which one are you most like?

How many verses from your favorite religious text can you recite?

Every day or once in a while? How often do you read your chosen religious book?

As a kid, did you find religion comforting or scary?

During your lifetime, have you changed religions?

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