Quiz: Can We Actually Guess Which Dog Breed You Own?
Can We Actually Guess Which Dog Breed You Own?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Pexels

About This Quiz

Did you know that there are over 300 breeds of dog out there in the world?  That's a whole lot of pooches if you care to sniff around sometime.  And with a range of sizes and shapes from the tiniest Chihuahua to the most enormous Great Dane and hundreds in between, it's kind of crazy to think that they're technically all the same thing. Dogs are all about diversity.  They're friendly, loyal, devoted and almost always cheerful.  That is unless they're trained not to be, but that's a different story.

There's a reason we consider dogs our best friends as opposed to any animals like a cat or a hamster, and anyone who has a dog knows exactly why.  And since you obviously do have a dog, or you wouldn't even be here, how about we tell you just what kind of dog it is?  How could we ever hope to do such a thing?  Easier than you'd think!  Just let us know a few things about you, about your personality, about your dog and about how they all work together and then boom! We'll have your dog breed pegged in no time.  Take the quiz and see for yourself!

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When Monday morning rolls around, how do you feel about going to work?

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No doubt you like all kinds of food, but what's your absolute favorite cuisine?

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If someone walked into your bedroom right this minute with no notice, what would they see?

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If you feel the need to work out, what's your go-to exercise?

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If you're spending a lazy day in the house, what is your dog doing?

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If you're going to reward your dog with a treat, what might you offer?

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How does your dog react to you when you finally come home after being gone all day?

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When you have friends or family over, how does your dog react to them?

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Some dogs take really well to work. Does yours have any work instincts?

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If you couldn't have a dog, what kind of pet do you think you'd have?

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Sometimes dogs can be intimidating. Are people ever afraid of your dog?

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Has your dog mastered the game of fetch?

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No one likes a smelly pup. Do you need to get your dog groomed often?

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Dogs are of course great pets, but what would you say is the thing you like least about having your dog?

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Did you know there's a massive industry for pet clothes out there? Would you ever buy your dog an outfit?

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When you're picking a name for a dog, what quality are you trying to consider?

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You need to make sure your dog has some good quality food. What do you feed yours?

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When people meet your dog, what word would they use to describe it?

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When you head out of the house, what do you think your dog is doing when you're gone?

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Over the course of your life, how many dogs have you had?

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Animals seem to actually enjoy music. What kind of music do you listen to with your pup?

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When you're out for a drive in the car, where's your dog?

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