Quiz: Can You Pass This Australian General Knowledge Quiz?
Can You Pass This Australian General Knowledge Quiz?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: Petra via Wikimedia Commons

About This Quiz

Australia is famous for its dangerous animals and harsh, beautiful stretches of unspoiled land, but there is far more to this massive country than just kangaroos! With a number of diverse highly urbanized cities, it is truly a fascinating place with a large population. While some jokesters on the internet like to insist that Australia is not real, it is an interesting country with food and art scenes as wild as its many fauna and sports fans!      

Aussies are a hearty bunch known for their ability to survive in the vast wilderness, but also the high living standards of their many ultramodern cities. Australia is truly a fascinating place where you can find it all, from beaches and the wilds of the Outback, to hip cafes and soaring skyscrapers. It is also known as a place where everything is trying to kill you, as it is home to dangerous and poisonous animals of almost every species! 

If you think that you know this vast and fascinating country like the back of your hand, see if your Australian general knowledge is up to snuff with this quiz! Let's see if your down under knowledge is truly on top! 

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Which country colonized Australia in the past?
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Australia is considered to be one of the most democratic countries on earth: True or false?
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Which landscape is Australia the most known for?
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Which of these does Australia have?
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Most of Australia's plants and animals are _________ Australia.
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Australia ranks low in the human development index: True or false?
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Australia is the __________ inhabited continent.
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Australia touches which ocean?
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What is the national language of Australia?
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Britain established Australia originally as a place to send:
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Where is Australia located?
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Australia is the world's largest country by area: True or false?
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What killed many of Australia's indigenous peoples?
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Australia has one of the world's largest ________ populations.
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Which of these is Australia's capital?
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Does Australia have a large army?
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Australia's largest city is:
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When did Australia become independent of the UK?
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The first westerners to find Australia were:
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Historically, the Australian government tried to prevent who from immigrating to Australia?
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How many states are within Australia?
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Which of these landscapes can be found in Australia?
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Australia is home to many of the _________ in the world.
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Australia is one of the world's _________developed countries.
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The Stolen Generations in Australia refers to the Australian government's practice of:
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Australia is a formal military ally of which country?
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Australia has the highest __________ rate in the world.
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Australia is the world's smallest:
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Australia is home to the world's largest:
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Is Australia is one of the most densely populated countries on earth?
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Australia is the _________ country in the world.
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What are conditions like in Australia for its indigenous people today?
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Which religion is followed by the most Australians?
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