Can We Guess Your Relationship Status Based on Your Dream Wedding?

By: Kennita Leon
Image: kyonntra / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

If there's one thing we know, it's that weddings make people happy, or at least, they should. Getting married should be one of the most exciting days of any bride or groom's life, and it's an eight to ten hour period that takes months, if not years, of planning. Those few short hours will be remembered for the rest of your life, so it's imperative that a lot of thought goes into it. But what would your dream wedding look like, and what will that tell us about your current relationship status?

Today, we're here to answer that question. We want to know what your dream wedding says about your relationship at this very moment, or if one even exists at all. So we'll go through the wedding planning process with you. You'll have to tell us about the venue, the budget, the bridal party, all your colors, who's officiating and just about everything that goes into planning this special day.

By the end, not only will we be able to visualize what it is that you want, but we'll also know if your situation is complicated, or if you and your spouse have called it quits (and everything in between, of course). 

We'll ask all the hard questions first. How much will you be spending on this wedding?

Who will be paying for it?

What theme are you going with?

Where will you be having it?

At what time would you prefer the wedding to start?

Have the invitations already been sent out?

What season will the wedding be in?

How many people are you inviting?

Will you have the help of a wedding planner?

What color scheme is most appealing for your special day?

How many people will be in your wedding party?

Will everyone have matching outfits?

Who's going to write your vows?

What kind of kiss do you plan on giving?

Let's talk about the not-so-tiny, tiny details. Will the wedding bands match the engagement ring?

What kind of flowers would make up most of the bouquet?

How many tiers will your wedding cake have?

What flavor will it be?

Who will be marrying you?

The reception is pretty darn important- tell us about it. What kind of bar will you have?

Will you be having a signature drink?

What kind of menu will be available for your guests?

What kind of entertainment are you hiring?

What song will you be doing your first dance to?

Will you be smashing cake into your new spouse's face?

What will your guests throw/blow at you?

What kind of vehicle will drive you away?

How perfect are you expecting the day to be?

How soon after wedding are you going on the honeymoon?

Which country will you newlyweds be visiting?

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