Quiz: Can We Guess If You're High or Low Maintenance From This "Would You Rather" Quiz?
Can We Guess If You're High or Low Maintenance From This "Would You Rather" Quiz?
By: Monica Lee
Image: Getty Images via lambada

About This Quiz

A high-maintenance woman needs her things. A morning beauty ritual can take hours with scrubs, lotions, perfumes and accompanying items like loofahs, makeup wipes and white stripes. Whereas a low-maintenance woman needs a toothbrush and soap and she's ready to rock. So where do you fall in this spectrum? This fun, easy quiz will help you define where you stand and maybe even help you set expectations for current and future life partners. Do you want someone who appreciates your easy-going outlook on life? Or do you want someone to appreciate the extra time and care you take to look good ...  and pamper you accordingly? 

It's interesting how we develop our own sense of style that can be wildly at odds with how we grew up. With so much social media, ads and role models in the public eye, it's easy to fall into a certain look. But maybe you're one of the few who set the trends or feels comfortable with coming up with your own, carefree style. Go on, get a better sense of who you are and what you need out of life to make you happy with this "Would You Rather" quiz!

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Would you rather watch a ballgame that went on for 20 innings or watch a theater performance that went on for eight​ hours?

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Would you rather be given a VERY expensive necklace from your lover that's not your style, or a shopping spree for half the cost of the necklace?

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Would you rather have a vampire suck your blood or make out with the monster from the Black Lagoon?

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