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Some meals just work better than others when you're camping. Since you don't want to carry around everything but the kitchen sink on a hike to the campsite, we've established a few classic camping meals over the ages. Find out how much you know about cooking in the great outdoors with this quiz.

What should a good camping meal provide?

What defines a classic camping meal? If it provides you lots of energy for long hikes and is easy to prepare, you've got yourself a good time next to the campfire.


What camping classic did Civil War soldiers make over campfire?

Because they require so few ingredients, it was easy for soldiers to make a quick breakfast of flapjacks.


What do you NOT need to make cornbread?

Along with a little grease and a skillet, the only ingredients you need to make simple cornbread are cornmeal, water and salt.


What's in a chili pie?

Chili pie is a pie in name only, really, but a layer of tortilla chips do make a good "crust."


What's the main part of a "rustic boiler"?

The "Boy Scouts Handbook" recommends cooking fish with a rustic boiler, which is simply a forked stick used to hold your meal over the flames.


What do beans contain lots of to make camping easier and more energetic?

Beans are loaded with lots of protein and fiber, and campers and hikers need lots of both for burning energy.


What do you need if you want to cook a baked potato over the fire?

If you've got a good fire going, all you really need to bake a potato is some tin foil. Just wrap the potato up tightly in the tin foil and place it in a hot bed of coals until you can stick the potato with a fork.


What's another name for a camping cooking press?

A hobo pie maker is a great tool for making tasty pressed sandwiches over the campfire.


Which ingredient do you NOT need to make s'mores?

You only need three ingredients to make a classic s'more: chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers.


When were s'mores first mentioned in "The Girl Scout Handbook"?

The popularity of s'mores became widespread when the classic campfire treat was mentioned in "The Girl Scout Handbook" in 1927.


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