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From the debut "Call of Duty" through the launch of the "Ghosts" series, just how much do you know about the CoD games?

When was the first Call of Duty title released?

The first title came out on October 23, 2003.

Fans watched how much "Advanced Warfare" gameplay during opening week, alone?

Fans watched 5 million hours -- 623 years -- in just 7 days.

How many grenades are thrown in CoD games over 5 years?

More than 300 billion grenades.

Exo Suits were introduced in which CoD series?

"Advanced Warfare" was the debut of Exo Suits.

"Modern Warfare 3" sold how many copies in its first month?

MS3 sold 8.8 million copies in the first month.

Where does the opening scene of "Modern Warfare 3" take place?

In NYC's financial district set the stage for "Modern Warfare 3."

In which TV series does the president play CoD?

Frank Underwood plays CoD in "House of Cards."

How do you unlock the Burger Town emblem in "Modern Warfare 3?"

Complete the "Master Chef: III" challenge by killing 20 enemies with cooked grenades.

What is the goal in Domination gameplay mode?

Teams in Domination mode capture and hold flag positions around the map.

Which celebrity has admitted to a "Call of Duty" habit?

All of these celebs have admitted to playing CoD.

Which team won the 2015 "Call of Duty" Championship held in Los Angeles?

Denial eSports -- made up of Attach, Clayster, Jkap and Replays -- placed first.

What was the cash prize handed out to the top "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" gamers in 2015?

The 32-team tournament had a $1 million prize.

Which map in "Black Ops" was one of the first in the franchise to include dynamic elements in gameplay?

Launch included, among other things, a rocket preparing for takeoff.

Which former United States Marine Corps lieutenant colonel lent his voice to "Black Ops II?"

Oliver North voiced a character in "Black Ops II."

What war is "World at War" based on?

"World at War" is set during WWII.

Did "Call of Duty" begin as a title for play on PC or on a gaming console?

The original "Call of Duty" was a PC title.

Gary Oldman voices which recurring CoD character?

Oldman voices Sgt. Viktor Reznov.

Manned vehicles disappeared after "World at War," but returned in which new series?

Hoverbikes returned in "Advanced Warfare."

Activision estimates more than 100 million people have played at least one CoD game. That's greater than the population of which country?

It's greater than the population of all of these countries.

Which actor doesn't voice a character in "Black Ops III?"

Kiefer Sutherland voices a character in "World at War," not "Black Ops III."

What is the name of the "Call of Duty" third-person gameplay that never debuted?

"Devil's Brigade" never debuted.

By 2013, players had destroyed how many cars in game?

More than 5 billion cars have been destroyed.

Which country used "Modern Warfare 3" footage in anti-American propaganda?

North Korean used MW3 footage in a 2013 propaganda film.

How many shots have been fired in the franchise since the first "Call of Duty" game debuted?

More than 32.3 quadrillion shots.

What's up with the teddy bears?

Teddy bears have been an Easter egg in the franchise since "Finest Hour" debuted in 2004.

What musical Easter egg plays when you find all 3 sickle-holding teddy bears in the Ascension map?

"Abracadavre" is the Easter egg in question.

Which map was the first zombie map?

Verrückt was the first.

If all the care packages dropped in CoD were real, how many Great Walls of China could be built?

You could build 100 Great Walls of China with all those care packages.

What is the name of the fictional World Champion Baseball Team playing at Greenway Park on the Strikezone map?

The San Diego Tsunami is the fictional team.

Feel like you're always respawning? CoD players have respawned how many times in multiplayer mode?

Nearly 2 quadrillion times.

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