Quiz: The Ultimate Cabin Decor Quiz
The Ultimate Cabin Decor Quiz
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Cabin décor reflects the different design styles of early American settlers and others. Take this quiz to see how much you know about cabin décor and style.

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Which design style goes well in a log cabin?
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What traditionally supports the roof of a log cabin?
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What was the main building material of people living in the forested areas of Europe for many centuries?
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What type of homes did early American colonists introduce to the New World?
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Which of the following are examples of early American style homes?
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Which colonial American area south of New England was known for homes constructed of squared logs?
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Early Shaker craftsmen were known for their skill in ______:
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Victorian style homes are known for their opulence. What features of this style did Americans adopt in the late 19th century?
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The Arts&Crafts movement advocated the learning of a craft through the guild system. Which of the following might be the work of such an artisan?
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Wealthy 19th century American industrialists built country lodges on a grand scale that combined nature and comfort. These lodges were known as ________.
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Cowboy High Style introduced a whimsical element to rustic cabin design. Which element would you find in a room designed in this style?
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Circa 1900, what type of stove would heat your log cabin in the winter?
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Adirondack chairs are a classic from the rugged Great Camps lodge era. Name another.
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Furniture and accessories in a rustic style draw attention to the beauty of _________.
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A cabinet with carved Indian heads is an example of which design style?
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Geometric patterns are typical of Arts&Crafts style. Which of the following design elements are characteristic of this style?
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Which material is most suited to the rugged Western look?
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Which Western style furnishings often incorporate metal or iron in their design?
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Which type of fireplace is often the focal point of a rustic log cabin?
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In early American homes, braided rugs were often made from:
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