Quiz: Cabbies at work: The Taxi TV show quiz
Cabbies at work: The Taxi TV show quiz
By: Bambi Turner
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About This Quiz

In the '70s, the TV series "Taxi" managed to make something as mundane as working at a cab company seem funny. It revealed the inner workings of the industry, while keeping the real hopes and dreams of the drivers at center stage. The motley crew brought the laughs week after week. The show featured some of the best writing on TV at the time, making it a favorite of critics and award shows. Test your knowledge of this classic sitcom with our "Taxi" quiz!

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What cab company keeps the gang employed on the show?
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Who is the only person at Sunshine Cab who actually calls himself a cab driver?
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What is Louie's job?
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What does Andy Kaufman's character do for the company?
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Which character left after the first season?
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Where does the gang like to hang out in their off time?
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Which actor played Reverend Jim on the show?
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What is Tony Banta's occupation when he isn't driving a cab?
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What is Elaine's dream career?
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What character did Jeff Conaway play on the show?
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Which of the drivers has a daughter who grew up in Brazil?
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Who pretends to be Louie at his high school reunion?
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Who crashes Cab 804?
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Danny DeVito's real-life wife played his girlfriend on the show.
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What almost breaks up Latka and Simka?
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Which of these stumps Rev. Jim when he's taking the test for his taxi license?
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What do the drivers on "Taxi" demand when they strike in season two?
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What job does Tony take when Sunshine goes bankrupt in the season three two-part episode, "On the Job?"
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Which of the drivers does Latka become when he reveals the third of his multiple personalities in season four?
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Why does Louie get fired in season four?
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Her co-workers have her back in season four when Elaine wastes $200 on what?
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What is Alex's vice?
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What does Simka do when Latka has an affair?
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Who is Louie's assistant dispatcher?
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Louie and Zena get married.
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Who won an Emmy for her portrayal of Dee Wilcox?
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Who inherits a fortune at the end of the series?
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Tony Clifton had his own contract to appear on the show.
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"Taxi" never won a single Emmy.
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How many seasons was "Taxi" on the air?
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