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To accommodate your dog in its own residence, you can get a ready-made dog house or a pre-fab, order one custom-made, or build your own. If you want to do it yourself, you'll be amazed how easy it is if you take this quiz.

If you built your own dog house by cutting your own lumber, how much would it cost?

It would cost under $70.


What would you get if you bought a preassembled dog house costing $7,000?

You would get a dog house that contained furnishings, lighting and even heating and cooling systems.


What tools do you need to assemble a dog house that comes as a dog house kit?

You usually only need a hammer or a screwdriver, because everything has been pre-cut and pre-drilled.


How do you determine the correct dog house size for your dog?

Bearing in mind the size of your dog, the dog house must be big enough for the dog to enter fully, turn around and lie down.


What kind of luxury kits can you buy?

You can get doggie condos, mansions and chalets as well as bungalows and barns. It's all a question of your budget.


Why would you want to get a doggie duplex?

A doggie duplex is great if you have two pooches to house.


Which type of dog house will ensure that you have a one-of-a-kind?

The only way to ensure that you've got a one-of-a-kind is to build it yourself from scratch or get someone to do it for you.


If a dog house is advertised as "lightweight" is this an advantage or a disadvantage?

It depends on your particular situation. Lightweight might be ideal if you have a small pooch and calm weather conditions. But if your Fido is rough on things and likely to demolish the entire structure or if the weather usually entails gale-force winds, lightweight might not be such an advantage after all.


Your neighbor boasts that his dog house has wallpaper. Short of peering over the fence to check it out, how do you know if it's possible or not?

As they say, anything's possible, and so it is with wallpapered dog houses. Assuming your neighbor has the bucks, he may indeed be telling the truth.


What are most dog houses made of?

Most dog houses are made of wood or plastic.


What makes wooden dog houses so popular?

Wooden ones are usually inexpensive and relatively easy to work with if you want to DIY.


If you live in an area that has high humidity, what wood is recommended for your dog house?

For areas with high humidity, cedar is probably your best choice.


Buying a plastic dog house means that you can be assured that it will be:

It will be waterproof, and that's important if it is intended to remain outdoors.


Which of these are advantages of buying a plastic dog house as opposed to a wooden one?

A plastic dog house means you never need worry about termite damage, which can be a very real problem with wooden ones.


Aside from getting a costly heating or cooling system for your dog house, what can you do about regulating the temperature?

Use insulation. You can get panels or special insulation layers, but in either event, it's good for keeping your dog from overheating or being too cold.


Your dog reminds you of Snoopy in that he loves lying on top of his dog house. What roofing should you have, then?

You should have untreated plywood paneling, or even treated but nontoxic plywood paneling.


When you build a dog house, what protective gear should you use?

You should protect yourself by using gloves and goggles.


What is the problem with using treated lumber to build your dog house?

Treated lumber may contain toxins that are harmful, especially if your dog likes to chew on things.


Treated wood containing arsenic-based preservatives was phased out of use in the U.S. in:

It was phased out in 2003. This is important to know, because any treated wood in your dog house or home may be hazardous to a dog that likes to chew if it was made before that year.


Is there any danger in having a dog house that is small for your dog?

Yes, there is definitely a danger to your dog's health. Just like putting a human inside a structure too small for him is considered torture, the same principle applies to your dog.


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