Build Your Perfect Truck and We'll Tell You What Branch of the Military Is Right for You

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About This Quiz

Have you been feeling Uncle Sam calling your name lately? Maybe it's time for you to consider enlisting in the military. With four terrific and honorable branches to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Luckily, we're here with our truck quiz to make your life a lot easier.

After you put together the truck of your dreams, we'll know exactly which branch of the military you should join. From the rims to the fog lights, every truck choice you make will bring your future in our armed forces clearer and clearer. You might not think you are cut out for the Marines, but your perfect truck might say otherwise. 

By examining the way you build a truck and the features you choose to include, we'll learn more about you than the nosy ex still haunting your social media profile. Though, for our purposes, we will only focus on the traits you exhibit and how they would best translate to a job in the military. 

If you're ready to find out which branch is right for you, start putting together your perfect truck! Then, we'll let you know which branch will value you as prime material!

How many cylinders would your truck's engine have?

Which truck's body style would be most like your truck?

Would your truck have a gun rack?

What would your truck be built to do?

Where would you add fog lights?

Would you add lighting under your truck?

Would your truck be an automatic or manual shift?

Would your truck have an extended cab?

What kind of custom paintwork might you add to your truck?

Would your truck have power steering?

Would you prefer halogen headlights?

Do you need a touch screen display?

What is most important to you in a truck?

Would your truck have a lift kit?

Do you like split rear windows?

Would you add a step side bed to your truck?

Does your truck need four-wheel drive?

Which brand of truck would you most like to own?

What type of radio will your truck have?

Will your truck be more of a workhorse or a recreational vehicle?

Will your truck have automatic seatbelts?

Will you display a flag on your truck?

What would your exhaust sound like?

Where will you put cup holders?

Would you add a smokestack to your truck?

What hood ornament would you choose for your truck?

Would your truck be a lowrider?

How many doors will your truck have?

Will you build a topper for your truck?

What kind of paint will you use for your truck?

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