Build Your Perfect Dorm and We'll Give You a College Major

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Unless you live nearby or you have a relative that you can stay with, it is almost always mandatory for students, specifically new and incoming college students, to spend at least one term living on campus. For that short period of time, students will be sleeping, eating and studying their butts off in a very small space - which they might have to share with someone.

Much like designing one's own room at home, dorm rooms require bedding, window treatments, carpets or rugs, as well as appliances. Many students take the opportunity to personalize their room to make it feel as much like "home" as possible, sticking up posters and photos of the things they love most. 

How cool would it be if your dorm room design could tell you what you should specialize in? Well, there is such a quiz, and it is right here. Tell us every single detail about what you want your room to look like, from the appliances that you want to the posters that you will be hanging up on your walls, and we will tell you what your major should be. Will it be one of the arts, or maybe a science, or will it be something more hands-on, or something in the business world? Take this quiz to find out!

You want your dorm to feel…

How would you describe your décor style?

How much money are you planning to spend on your dorm decor?

What is the most expensive item on your list?

Which of these websites will you be doing most of your dorm shopping on?

What size room are you expecting?

If you could paint the walls, what color would you choose?

What kind of posters will you stick on your walls?

In addition to posters, what will you be sticking on your walls?

Which of these light fixtures will keep your room well lit?

What type of curtains will be hanging up at your windows?

How much closet space do you think you will need?

How/where will you be storing your things?

What kind of look do you want your sheets to have?

Which of these storage bin options best matches your style?

What will your decorative pillows have on them?

What kind of rug will you be putting on your floor?

Your study desk needs to have…

Which of these appliances is on your list of things to buy?

What will your fridge be stocked with?

What kind of seating option sounds good to you?

Which of these accessories will you add to your center table?

Where in your room will you be studying?

How will you be keeping yourself entertained?

If you got a television, you would be using it to…

You would love it if your dorm had a view of…

Who is going to help you put everything together?

How much of your time will you be spending in your room?

You hope that your roommate is…

How will you maintain some privacy?

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