Build Your Fast Food Dream Team and We'll Guess How Old You Are

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It's hard sometimes when you're out and you're hungry and your mall-court food choices make a mockery of your indecision. Do you want Taco Bell? Chick-Fil-A? Subway? Five Guys? Sometimes having all those choices makes it even harder to choose than if there was just one place. Especially if you could kill a crunchy taco but also maybe a spicy chicken sandwich and a side of soba noodles. Why can't they all just be in one big restaurant? You could order off of like six menus at the same time and make the ultimate fast-food combo. Everyone still gets their money, but you save time and actually satisfy your hunger. Seems like a win-win.

Until someone invents that ultimate fast-food joint where you can get everything in one single order, there's always the fast-food dream team. Just put together your ultimate fast-food combo right here, and you'd be surprised what it's going to say about you. In fact, we bet that if you tell us what you're down for, we can guess how old you are. It's not as crazy as it sounds; there's a lot of really deep stuff going on in fast-food ordering. Take the quiz and see for yourself.

Right now, what's your go-to fast-food place when you're feeling like you're starving?

Who makes the best fries in all of fast food?

Where are you 100% not going to eat because the food is terrible AF? You know, in your opinion.

It's time to prove your skills as a milkshake-consuming machine. If you absolutely had to do this, how many of your favorites could you take down?

Who's killing it with their breakfast game?

Maximum effort means not feeding people potatoes every day. Give some props to the side that knows what's up.

Fried chicken may be the best chicken of all time. Who's making your favorite?

Does any restaurant have a sauce that you like more than other places?

Everyone needs a drink with a meal. What are you down for?

Sometimes you just need a big, juicy burger, right? What's the best one?

Not all chicken needs to be fried chicken because who needs all that grease anyway? Who's cooking up some tasty chicken on the grill?

So, just in general, what's the tastiest kind of fast food?

How often can you handle eating fast food?

Everyone knows cheese is like the best thing ever. What's the king of cheeses, though?

So what do you not want to see on top of your burger messing up the flavor?

Who makes a salad worth going back for a second time?

It's nugget time! What flavor of sauce is going to make them sing?

It's you and three fast-food places forming a K-pop band. Pick three super quick!

What's the tastiest flavor of shake?

Are you down for spicy fast-food awesomeness? What's the best kind?

What's the best breakfast sandwich out there?

The best thing about Taco Tuesday is you can have it any other day you like. But where do you want to go?

What's the best fast-food place to have your first job?

Let's say you had to eat a fast-food hot dog because reasons. Who's got your back?

A nugget isn't just a nugget, is it? Nope! Whose nugget game is on point?

A meal is supposed to end with dessert, right? What's your favorite dessert?

Are you ever down for seafood from a fast-food joint? Pick something fishy!

It's possible you're not down for regular fries some time, right? Pick a different potato!

Value Menus are your friend! What's the best way to spend $1?

A sandwich seems like a good idea for lunch, right? Who makes your favorite kind?

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