Build Your Dream NFL Team, and We'll Tell You How Much of a Risk Taker You Really Are!

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About This Quiz

Are you the type that needs to know what is going to happen next, or are you the type that remained unfazed in the face of a gamble? By putting together your ultimate NFL dream team, we will be able to tell you how much of a risk taker you are in your everyday life. Step into our huddle and learn about the daring side of yourself. 

As we go through our NFL Dream Team quiz, you will get the chance to become one of the NFL's greatest owners or coaches; the choice is yours! No matter what role you decide to play, you get to put together what you should consider the greatest NFL team ever to hit a field. You will get to choose from current all-star players, and from a few Hall of Famers, who you would like to bring out of retirement. 

The way you fill up the team's positions and the pack the stands with loyal fans will show you what kind of true grit you are made from. Do you throw caution to the wind, or do you prefer to play it safe? Make a few calls and load a team with your favorite NFL players, and we'll tell you just how much of a risk taker you are! 

Which quarterback will lead your dream team?

Who will you recruit to be your center?

Who is your fullback?

Which team colors would you prefer?

Which wide receiver do you think is most talented?

Which player would you choose to have as halfback?

Which team name would you rather have?

Which tight end is the best on the field?

Which offensive tackle player would you choose?

Which offensive guard do you like most?

Would your team have its own Dawg Pound?

Which retired coach would you bring back for your team?

Would you play on your NFL Dream Team?

Which city would you prefer to play in?

Who would you put in as your free safety?

Who would you like as your strong safety?

Which cornerback would be your first choice?

Which cornerback would be your second choice?

Which right outside linebacker is your first pick?

It's fourth down with two yards to go and eight seconds on the clock. What do you do?

Who would fill your left outside linebacker position?

Which middle linebacker is most athletic?

Which right end would make the cut?

Who will fill the left end position?

Which defensive tackle would be your dream team player?

Which quarterback is most impressive to you?

Who would you choose to have as kicker?

Which wide receiver do you think is the most talented in NFL history?

Will your NFL dream team have cheerleaders?

Which team would you rather play against at the Super Bowl?

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