Build Your Dream NBA Team, And We'll Guess How Much of a Risk Taker You Really Are

Steven Miller

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You know that basketball is the coolest sport around, and no one plays it better than the athletes of the NBA. You know a lot about hoops, and if you were able to pick your perfect NBA Dream Team, it would be by far the best team that the world has ever seen. You definitely have this draft business down to a science! 

If you plan to dominate your fantasy NBA team this year, you have to choose your players strategically and wisely. Of course, you are going to have Steph Curry, and Lebron James--they would be on anyone's dream team, but then who else would you pick to round out your roster? There is no way you wouldn't be able to build a team like this without Russell Westbrook on it; the dude is just way too incredible to pass up. 

Kevin Durant has a skill set that anyone would want on their team, and you also are going to need a big down low like Karl Anthony Towns.  Someone has to take care of the ball, so what about Kyrie Irving? You know he has the best handle in the game. And then you are also going to need some guys that don't have big egos to fill out the bench.

The more we think about it, this isn't as easy as we thought. But with you as the General Manager, we know your team is going to be awesome. Take this quiz to see what your personality says about your team-building choices!

If you could have them, which legendary center is on your list?

Which player are you building your dream franchise around?

Which city would you rather base your team in?

Which top prospect out of college would you most want to have on your team?

Which 2017-2018 NBA rookie would you roll the dice on?

Which Hall of Fame point guard would you ideally like to have on your team?

How do you feel about controversy?

Which all-time great small forward is your pick?

Are you more likely to use free agency or the draft to build your team?

Which current point guard would you rather have?

Which current NBA coach would you most want to have as the leader of your team?

Which Boston Celtics player do you most want to have on your team?

Which San Antonio Spurs player makes the cut for your dream team?

Choose a current power forward that would be the best fit for your team?

Which current shooting guard do you most want on your squad?

Besides LeBron, which current Cavs player do you want on your team?

Which current center would you most want on your team?

Which legendary shooting guard do you most want?

How many threes will your team be shooting on an average night?

Which Detroit Pistons player would you rather have?

If you had to choose one Chicago Bulls player besides Michael Jordan, who would it be?

Which current small forward do you want on the team?

Which current Golden State Warriors player would you rather have on your team?

Would you rather have a great player for one season or a whole team of good players for a decade?

Which power forward great do you most want on your dream team?

If you had to choose one of the following Lakers players for your team, which would you choose?

If you had to choose one, which colorful personality would you rather have on your team?

Which all-time great coach would you rather have leading your squad?

Are you going for a single championship or patiently building a dynasty?

Which current franchise would you rather take over?

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