Build Your Dream Mansion and We'll Tell You Which Supercar You Should Be Driving!

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If you're going to live in a mansion, you cannot continue to drive your normal old car. You need a supercar! Tell us what your mansion will be like and we'll match you with the perfect set of wheels.

Would you have gates at the end of your mansion's driveway?

What luxury feature would you like in your master bathroom?

How many bedrooms will your mansion have?

Which room is a must have in your home?

What kind of lighting will you have in your dining room?

Will your mansion be environmentally friendly?

Will your bathrooms have bidets?

Where will your mansion's staff live?

Where would you like your mansion to be located?

Which sporting venue would you have on your grounds?

How many cars will your garage need to accommodate?

What kind of swimming pool will you have?

Do you spend a lot of time looking at the homes of celebrities?

Who will do the interior design of your mansion?

Will you have space for your mother-in-law?

What would you name your mansion?

What kind of bed do you want in your master bedroom?

Will your mansion have fireplaces?

What member of your staff will you value most?

What kind of countertops will you have in your kitchen?

Which kind of rugs will accentuate your home?

What kind of trophies will you store in your trophy room?

What will you store in your mansion's vault?

Will you line your walls with famous artwork?

Which floor will your bedroom be on?

Which landscaping feature would you want?

Do you live life in the fast lane?

Who will move into the mansion with you?

Would you have a gold toilet?

What will your friends think when they walk into the mansion for the first time?

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