Build Your Dream Library and We'll Guess Which Disney Princess You Are!

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About This Quiz

A library is more than just a place that offers books. It's a place to unwind from the busy world around us, and provides a quiet environment for studying. Libraries are also great for those who are on a budget, since many of them offer books, and even movies, for free! If you've always wanted a dream library, this quiz will give you an opportunity to build one from the ground up! 

When building your dream library, it's important to think about what it will look like. Will it be more simple and cozy, or will it look more grand? Think about how many floors your library will have. Will it be on one floor, or will it have many floors? 

It's also important to think about how secretive you want your library to be. Can your library be unlocked with a key, or maybe with a specific book that you pull from a shelf? After you have built your dream library, we'll match you to one of four Disney princesses! And don't worry, even if you don't like to read, remember that a library isn't just about books. It's a peaceful environment that provides relaxation and a quiet space for your mind!

What types of furniture will you place in your library?

Which of these book genres will your library hold?

Will your library have a patio or a balcony attached to it?

What will keep your library cool during the hot summers?

How often would you go to your dream library?

Would the books be more short or long in length?

What will the lighting be like in your library?

Who would be allowed to visit your library?

Will your library have a secret entrance or exit?

Where will your library be located?

What time of day will you visit your library?

Are the books in your library for sale?

Will there be a cafe in your library?

What types of artwork will you hang on the walls of your library?

If you could own the original copy of one of these books, which one would you own?

Your library is allowed to display one of these rare paintings. Which one would you choose to display?

What would the bookshelves in your library look like?

Would you read in your library for leisurely or educational purposes?

What kind of staircase will your library have?

Will your library have a theme to it?

What will the floors of your library look like?

How will you reach the top shelves of a bookcase?

Will your library have a cozy fireplace in it?

Who will you dedicate your library to?

If you could put a price on your dream library, how much would it be worth to you?

Where is the best place in a library to read a good book?

What would you mainly do in your dream library?

A good book is best enjoyed with which of these beverages?

When you look up at the ceiling in your dream library, what would you see?

Pick one of these grand chandeliers to hang in the middle of your dream library.

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