Build Your Dream House and We'll Guess Which Part of the Country You Should Live In

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About This Quiz

While life circumstances and financial limitations tend to keep us from actually engaging in the construction of our dream house, it's the fantasy that is truly the fun part anyway. We encourage you to throw out your usual, realistic way of thinking and unleash your creative thoughts on the home you would live in if money was not a concern. The architectural firm is on the way over, and they have a blank slate ready for you to fill in with your heart's desires.

While not every person fits completely in with the stereotype of the different regions of the country, we will pair you up with an area where your priorities and design choices fit the best. For example, if you are going to include water-saving and environmentally-conscious features in your design, there's a good chance that you will feel the most supported and comfortable in the western region of The United States. If you absolutely must have a porch, and you'd prefer that this porch wrapped all the way around your home, we think there's a good chance that your design would be a perfect fit in the south.

Just remember, money can't buy happiness...but it doesn't hurt either. Let's get started on the house you were always meant to live in.

How many stories will your home be?

Is your dream house going to be in the city or the country?

How many bedrooms will your house have?

How many bathrooms are there in your ideal home?

How big will the backyard be?

Which description best fits your ideal kitchen?

How much modern technology will there be in your dream house?

How many square feet sounds about right for your home?

Which color scheme best matches your vision for the interior of your home?

Which color sounds ideal for the exterior of your home?

Will you have a garage?

Will you have a basement, and if so, will you finish it?

Are you going to have a pool?

Are you going to have waterfront property?

Will you integrate solar power and other green technology into your home?

What will the home entertainment setup be like?

Will there be a garden on your property?

Is a formal dining room something that you want to have in your ideal home?

Are you going to have a game room for things like a pool table and classic video games?

Which style of artwork would most likely be on display in your home?

Would you include a secret room in your house?

Will you include a secondary cabin on your property?

Do you want to have a workshop of some kind on your property?

Will you have a porch on your home?

How vital is having a fire pit somewhere on the property?

Will your home include a library?

Do you pretty much need to have a hot tub?

Will there be special features for your pet in your dream house?

Which climate would you rather have your ideal home in?

Will you have a meditation room in your home?

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