Build Your Dream House and We'll Guess Which Dog Breed You Own

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A house is only a home when it is lived in. To some, home is where you hang your hat, but to most of us, a home is more than just shelter. It's a personality encoded in physical objects. From the size and placement of our homes to their layouts to the way we inhabit them, our houses say everything about us, betraying our likes and dislikes, how we like things to look, and feel, and sound.

Owning a dog is also connected to personality and lifestyle. Owning a dog is a huge time commitment. While this can be shared among a family, it cannot be put off. When you own a dog, it's as much a part of your life as your home for the years you have together. Some people favor large dogs, while others prefer small dogs, but one look at someone's house and you can rule out certain breeds.

Imagine your dream home, from the location to the materials, to the way you'd decorate it and set it up. Imagine your fantasy bathroom, bedroom, and drawing room. Think hard about these choices. We will judge your choice and name what dog breed you own!

What environment would you like to reside in?

What climate would you want to live in?

What section of the country would you want to live in?

How sparsely populated should your area be?

How big a house do you want?

What style of architecture do you like the sound of?

What sort of building materials would you insist on?

How much space do you need in your garage?

How much storage do you need?

What is it important your home be insulated against?

How would you secure your home?

How large an entertaining space would your home need?

What would you place in your entertaining space?

What kind of art would you like in your house?

How would you paint or paper you walls?

How would you set up your bedroom?

How would you set up your kitchen?

What shape of house would you like?

What is a must-have for your family room?

How many bathrooms do you want?

What kind of shower would you like in the master bathroom?

What bathroom item is your must have?

What would you put in your bedroom closet?

How large an outdoor space do you want?

What window treatments would you want?

What would you stock up on in your pantry?

How large do you need your dining room to be?

What specialist room does your house need?

What is essential to your games room?

Will you have a dog room?

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