Build Your Dream Home and We'll Tell You Which State You're Destined to Live In

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About This Quiz

Are you living in the right state? Have you ever thought about relocating? No matter how you answered those questions, it's always good to know if you are living where you could do the best. After you finishing building, designing, and decorating your dream home, we will be able to let you know if you should consider renting a moving truck. 

From the number of bedrooms you need to the size of the yard you want to maintain, building a dream house takes a lot of planning and careful choices. As we go through this quiz, we will prompt you to make decisions about how you want your home to look and function. From there, we will assess the traits you've exhibited, and we'll pair you with the state you are most like.

Whether it's a 24-room mansion or a cottage on the water, your home choices will help us get to know you better. Once you've completed your home, we will have a good picture of the lifestyle you prefer to lead, and we'll make sure you get the state you are really destined to live in. Let's grab a hammer and get started! Your geographical destiny awaits.

Where would you prefer to build your dream home?

Will you have a long driveway?

How many bedrooms does your dream home have?

What kind of flooring will you put in your kitchen?

Which landscaping feature will your home have?

Which word best describes your interior design style?

Which bonus room will your dream home have?

What would you do with a basement?

What kind of heating will your home have?

Will you have a formal dining room?

What kind of window treatments will you add?

What feature will you include in your kitchen?

What kind of countertops would you prefer?

How many cars will your garage hold?

Where will you get artwork for your living room?

What would you add to a master bathroom?

Will you have any walk-in closets?

What would you do with an attic space?

Will your dream home have multiple levels?

Which style of home will you build?

Which feature from a castle might you home have?

Will your home have a self-composting toilet?

Would you put carpet in your living room?

Which color would you never paint your dream home?

Will your home have a white picket fence?

Will your home be surrounded by trees?

Where would you hang a chandelier?

Will you have a library?

What color will choose for your kitchen appliances?

Where would you add a stained glass window?

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