Build Your Dream Car and We'll Guess How Old You Are

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Cars appeal to people in all age groups. Just look at some of the famous car movies that have been produced targeting everyone from the classroom to the retirement home.

On the younger side of things, the crown jewel of vehicles in cinema is the "Cars" series produced by Pixar. The fantasy tale of a world full of talking cars was a smash hit, raking in over $462 million in ticket sales around the world when it was released in 2006. The movie spawned two sequels with similar nine-figure profits at the box office.

The elderly enjoy their cars just as much as young people. One of the most famous car enthusiasts is Walt Kowalski, the character played by Clint Eastwood in the movie he also directed and produced in 2008, "Gran Torino." The curmudgeonly old war veteran Walt ends up befriending a young man who attempts to steal his beloved Ford Gran Torino, learning about race and himself in the process.

Based on the different preferences people have about their vehicle color, seating material, shape and size, it's easy to infer who they are. Answer some questions about your dream car and how you would use it and see what age your taste in cars lines up with!

How many doors do you prefer on your dream vehicle?

Do you prefer to have a vehicle that's made in the USA, or imported?

What color do you want your seats to be?

Some drivers have a need for speed. How fast do you want your engine to be?

Do you want your vehicle to be a convertible?

Every great car has a name. What would be your dream car's nickname?

What type of sound system are you looking for?

Which of these body accessories would you want on your car?

What type of headlight customization would you want?

Which places would you drive to the most in your car?

Do you ever plan to take your dream car offroading?

Would you add any decals or labels to your car?

Which of these luxury features would you want most?

How often do you plan on washing your dream car?

What kind of reaction do you want from people who see your car?

What kind of accent color would you choose on your vehicle?

Do you want to have a car comfortable for long distance trips?

Do you want your car to have a lot of room for storage?

How many seats do you need to have in your vehicle?

How important is it for your vehicle to handle well?

What type of finish do you want on the dashboard?

Which car manufacturer is closest to your dream car?

How often do you anticipate driving your fantasy car once it's yours?

Would you ever trust AI to drive your fantasy car?

How long would it be until you got bored with your ultimate vehicle?

Do you care about the gas mileage of your dream vehicle?

Does it matter how much your dream car costs?

What color is your dream car?

Are you interested in racing with your car?

Which of these car movies is your favorite?

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