Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess How Many Piercings You'll Get Before You Die

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Some people look at piercings like an addiction.  You can start with your ears, the way most people do, and that's fine.  But then maybe you get your eyebrow pierced.  Maybe you get your nose pierced.  Your lip. Labret.  Belly button. Cartilage. Industrial. Surface.  Next thing you know, there's more metal in your body than there is in most modern cars.  Or who knows, maybe you'll just get your ears done and leave it at that.  It's hard to say.  Unless there was some way to figure it out...

As it happens, the link between Taco Bell and piercings is a fairly new field of study in science, but that doesn't mean we can't give it a spin.  In fact, if you were to dive into a Taco Bell order right here and now in this very quiz, we're going to use the data we compile to determine just how many piercings your body is going to experience before you die.  Your entire pierced existence laid out before you, right here, thanks to your opinions on Crunchwraps and Mexican Pizzas.  If that sounds too unbelievable, don't worry, we're good at this.  Now grab yourself some Mountain Dew Baja Blast and a couple packets of Fire Sauce and let's get started!

Taco Bell has a lot of menu options that will make a heck of a mess if you try to pick them up and eat them as is. What's the best messy option?

When you're hungry for cheese, Taco Bell is like a cheese Utopia. What cheesy treat is your favorite?

Do you ever feel the need to bring the heat? Then you need to grab something spicy from the menu. Take your pick!

A soft taco is delicious all by itself, but it's even better when you eat another one. How many do you think you could eat in a row?

Back in the day, Taco Bell used to put olives on pretty much everything. What other toppings do they not offer that you'd like?

Normal tortillas are kind of dull, right? How about a fancy tortilla? Pick the best of these oddball choices.

What do you think is the best kind of filling for a taco?

If beef is your filling of choice, you still have a lot of ways to narrow it down. Which beef-filled item will get the job done for you?

When nothing hits the spot like chicken, then you need to give in to your chicken cravings. Pick the best chicken-filled item?

Don't let the carnivores have all the Taco Bell fun. What bean-filled food is the tastiest?

Steak is where it's at, right? What steak dish would you like right now?

Everyone likes fusion cuisine. Taco Bell has successfully fused with junk food. Which junky creation is best?

If you were on a trip around the world, you could visit all the international Taco Bell locations. What would you try?

Like horses and grandparents, Taco Bell menu items need to retire sometimes. What retired item do you wish could come back?

Did you know Taco Bell once put together a fancy, fine dining meal for Thanksgiving? What would you have tried?

Taco Bell is famous for introducing zany PR stunt menu items. Some actually sound good. Which one would you try?

Sauce packets from Taco Bell are kind of awesome, with their little funny phrases and whatnot. Which kind of sauce goes on your taco?

A taco needs to be more than just meat. You need some cheese on it, too! What kind of cheese is best?

You should probably put some kind of vegetable on your taco. Pick the best one?

Breakfast is the perfect time for some Taco Bell. What breakfast order is the one for you?

If you're feeling cheap, you can still get fed at Taco Bell. Order something from the Dollar Cravings menu.

Do you like slushy drinks? Taco Bell has Freezes. Pick the best one!

There's just a whole bunch of sauce available if you want to spruce up a taco. What would you try?

Nachos are good all the time. What will you dip your chips in?

What kind of taco should Taco Bell have on the menu that they currently don't have?

Has a quesadilla ever led you astray? Of course not! Order the best kind!

Are you a fan of rice? It's pretty filling for such a tiny grain. Order a rice-filled item.

If it can't be categorized as a taco or a burrito, Taco Bell tends to just call it a "specialty" item. Which of these off-beat treats is best?

The humble potato will never let you down when you're hungry. Pick the potato-infused menu item that will satisfy your hunger best.

Dessert is half the reason to even eat a meal. Pick your dessert!

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