Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess If You're More Introverted or Extroverted

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It's long been said that the eyes are the window to the soul, but have you ever tried to look through someone's eyes and into their soul? You're probably just going to see their eyes and not much else.  But if you want to get to know someone, really get to know them, you need to go a lot deeper than just the eyes. That's right, we're talking chalupa deep.

Fact is, what people eat actually does say a lot about them. Just imagine someone who's going to a restaurant and ordering all kinds of food they've never tried before versus someone who brought their own unsalted crackers. Those things give you a little insight into who these people are. The same can be said for what you order at Taco Bell. If you let us know your Taco Bell favorites, we'll guess if you're an introvert or an extrovert as soon as you're done. All we need are your thoughts on gorditas and burritos. Give us some insight into nachos and pintos. Tell us whether refried beans are king, or if nacho cheese is the key ingredient to a good taco and in no time, we'll delve to the heart of your personality.  Don't believe it?  Take the quiz!

Some people from work are picking up Taco Bell for lunch. What's your order?

It's your day off and you're by yourself hitting up the Taco Bell drive-thru. What might you order?

You can't very well make a taco without some kind of a shell, so what do you want to wrap your taco in?

You have a few choices for the protein in your taco, but which one is your favorite?

Have you ever hit up a Taco Bell at breakfast? What sounds like the right way to start your day?

Sometimes nothing is going to hit the spot like a side of nachos. If you could only get one dip for them, what would it be?

Some of the most delicious items on the Taco Bell menu aren't even tacos at all. What unique item do you like best?

Some people are absolutely obsessed with hot sauce. When they ask if you want sauce packets at Taco Bell, what kind do you request?

If you're a vegetarian, Taco Bell is a good choice to make because their menu is pretty diverse. What's the best vegetarian option?

All these tacos have to be making you thirsty. What do you want to drink?

Most fast food places serve French fries. Taco Bell doesn't serve fries, but they still have potatoes. Pick your tater favorite!

You can get a quesadilla stuffed with all kinds of goodness. Which quesadilla sounds most delicious?

It's hard to imagine Taco Bell without cheese. In fact, they've had more than one cheesy option available. Which cheese hits the spot?

There's a whole world of tacos that Taco Bell doesn't offer. What kind do you wish they'd sell?

For whatever reason, Taco Bell has a weird obsession with labeling menu items as "Naked." Which naked item sounded best?

A taco really needs to have veggies on it. What's the most important vegetable for a taco to have?

You can get all kinds of sides if a taco isn't satisfying your hunger. Which side do you crave most?

You can't deny your sweet tooth forever. What Taco Bell dessert are you going to get?

You know you can add any sauce you like to your burrito, right? What sauce will you request?

Some items at Taco Bell are so big they need to use a second tortilla to hold it all in. Which multi-tortilla treat is the best?

There are all kinds of burritos on the menu for when a taco isn't cutting it. What burrito beats them all?

A surprising number of menu items have been a mashup of Taco Bell and snack foods. Which snack food marriage was the best idea?

If we're talking just soft tacos and nothing else, how many do you think you could eat in one sitting?

Many menu items have vanished over the years, never to be seen again. Which one are you glad is gone because of how bad it sounded?

When you're low on cash, Taco Bell has a Dollar Cravings menu. Which cheap treat will fill you up?

Did you know that when you order a burrito, you can have it prepared in ​a few different styles? Which style is you?

Tacos and burritos are great and all, but what kind of food do you wish Taco Bell would add to the menu?

If you're expecting company, you should get a Party Pack. Which one will suit your needs?

Sometimes just a plain tortilla isn't what you're looking for. Which tortilla upgrade sounds the best?

When a taco or a burrito isn't quite what you're looking for, what do you pick?

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