Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess When You First Got Laid

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You know, if you really stop to think about it, ordering food is quite an intimate experience.  You're giving into an appetite, a craving that you just can't resist.  It plagues your thoughts, sitting at the back of your mind demanding to be acknowledged.  It wants you to give over, even if you know it's maybe bad for you.  It's your mind and body betraying you to some baser hunger.  And you give in so very often.

If ordering a meal can be so closely compared to other desires we have, then maybe it's not crazy to suggest that we could use your Taco Bell order to learn more about you. Maybe if you go over the details of your opinions on crunchy taco shells and spicy Fire sauce, it will paint a picture of just how you react to those desires you have.  Maybe we'll gain a clear and concise understanding of your motivations and hunger. Maybe we can even use that to figure out when you lost your virginity.

It may sound far-fetched, but remember, all we're talking about is desire and how you respond to it.  Take the quiz and tell us what you like and don't like.  We'll crunch the numbers like a tortilla shell and tell you exactly when you first got laid.

Some like their Taco Bell hot. Really hot. What's the spicy menu item for you?

When you need to cool it way, way down, you can reach for a Taco Bell Freeze. What flavor will get the job done?

Everyone loves those witty little sauce packets, they're conversation starters. Which sauce do you crave most?

Suppose you and a friend have an early morning together and need to grab breakfast. What breakfast item sounds best?

Everyone knows it's fun to share nachos with someone else. What dip are you having?

Did you know that about 35% of all the meat eaten in the world is chicken? That's a lot of chicken! Which chicken item would you devour?

Taco Bell doesn't go all crazy with their desserts, but they have offered a few sugary delights. What would you want to try most?

Some might say that a party isn't a party without Taco Bell. What Party Pack is the best for your shindig?

All those tortillas are going to make you thirsty. What beverage will rehydrate you?

Veggies keep everything lively. What veggie is going in your taco no matter what?

For all the veggie options Taco Bell has, they're still missing a few things. What vegetable would you add if you could?

There's a whole bunch of extras you can add to a taco if you want. Which sounds best to you?

You can add spice with sauce packets, but there are more flavorful sauces to add, too. Which sauce will pep up your order?

Maybe you're a beef fan and need the perfect steak item for lunch. What steak is going to be best?

What Taco Bell menu items are you going to stay as far away from as humanly possible?

What kind of cheese should be on every single taco ever?

Are you in the market for beans? Taco Bell will bean you right up. Pick your beany best.

You know what's pretty filling? Rice! Which one of these rice-infused dishes is calling your name?

Taco Bell had to prove its beef was really beef once, and it is. But it also has additives. Which one sounds least appealing?

What is the single greatest item on the whole Taco Bell menu?

Is it quesadilla time? It is! What kind of quesadilla is the most delicious?

You could bury yourself in cheese with the right Taco Bell order. What cheesy item is the best of them all?

When Taco Bell meets junk food, magic happens. What Taco Bell + junk food pairing was the most memorable?

You can get a pretty good meal at Taco Bell as a vegetarian. What meatless option is best?

You need to wrap your taco up in something. What's your go-to choice?

Some of Taco Bell's past experiments have been kind of awful. Which one sounds the worst?

Fusion cuisine is always popular. If you were going to eat a soft taco alongside some other fast food, what would it be?

Most Taco Bells don't have fries on the menu, but there are still plenty of potato options. What sounds best?

Taco Bell tosses some weird items at you now and then. What non-traditional option is the best of the bunch?

When you're ordering from Taco Bell, what's your main motivation?

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