Build a House From the Ground Up and We'll Guess Your Age

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About This Quiz

Building a house is no easy task. Before you even get started, you need to buy land, get two hundred different permits (or so it feels like) and hire an architect, contractor and designer. It's no wonder people are just buying houses these days, opting to skip all the craziness for a move-in-ready option. 

But you don't have to do all of that here. We're bypassing all the rules and laws and allowing you to build your house in this very quiz. And we're going to start from scratch, too. You'll have to tell us your budget, the timeline, where you're getting your contractor, where you're building the house - and that's just the start. Once the building is done, you'll have to design the house as well, by choosing countertops, extra rooms, landscaping and so much more. When you're done, we should have the perfect idea of what your dream virtual house looks like. 

And by exploring that house and all the things in it, we'll be able to guess what your age is. If you think we've got the skills to do that correctly, come build a house with us. 

Let's get a few things straight before we start building this house. Who's paying for it?

Is there a budget?

Who are you building this house for?

How big (or small) are you going?

Where will this house be built?

Where did you get the contractor?

What'll the building timeline be like?

Okay, so what style are we going for with the exterior?

How will the interior be designed?

How many stories?

What color will most of the house be?

What kind of flooring do you feel like getting?

What kind of seating will you choose for the living room?

Which of these is going on your walls?

How big will the TV be?

Let's talk about your kitchen. Island or no island?

What will the countertops be?

What totally cool but very unnecessary feature does your kitchen need to have?

Will there be a dining room?

If you had to add an extra room, what would it be?

What about the bedrooms and bathrooms?

What size bed do you want for yourself?

What special feature do you want in your bedroom?

Which of these is the most important for your master bath?

If your toilet could do one thing automatically, what would it be?

How many cars do you need parking spaces for?

When it comes to landscaping, what kind of look are you going for?

Which of these flowers will you plant to add a wonderful fragrance to your outdoor space?

Which water feature is definitely going to be installed?

Can you actually picture the home you're building?

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