Build an All Black Outfit and We'll Guess Your Favorite Color

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About This Quiz

While you don't really have to be a fan of the darkness, wearing an all-black outfit could make you the most stylish person in the room. Once you've built an outfit that will turn heads, we will be able to guess the color you love the most. And, yes. We promise that it will not be black! 

Popular thought says that black is the combination of all the colors mixed together. However, science explains that both black and white are outcasts and they are not considered colors at all. Thankfully for all of our brains, this quiz will not question your knowledge of color theory. Instead, our questions will focus on the way you would assemble your perfect, little black outfit. 

Throughout the all black quiz, we are going to dress you up from head to toe. We will even cover footwear, underwear, and accessories. By the time you're done perfecting your outfit, we are confident we will have figured out your favorite color. 

There's no doubt that you are going to look amazing in the clothing you have chosen, so it's time for you to put us to the test. Can we really figure out your favorite color by the way you clothe yourself in black? We think we can! 

Where would you shop for a black shirt?

Which cut of underwear would you choose?

Would you wear black leggings?

What kind of black socks would you wear?

What sort of black belt would you wear?

Will your black shirt have any patterns on it?

Which kind of black jacket would top off your outfit?

What sort of black shoes are you most likely to wear?

Which cut of black jeans would you wear?

Which kind of black skirt might you wear?

Would you wear a black scarf?

Which kind of black hat would you sport during winter?

Would you wear black earrings?

Which black hair accessory would you try?

Where would you wear your black outfit?

Would your all-black outfit be more casual or dressy?

Would you have black shoelaces?

Which gemstone necklace would you choose to compliment your all black outfit?

Would you paint your nails black to match your outfit?

Would you wear a black T-shirt?

How many pockets would your all black outfit have?

Which kind of black bag would you carry?

Where would you shop for a black bra?

Would you order any part of your black outfit online?

What kind of black bracelet would you wear?

Would you wear black eyeshadow to match?

Would you prefer a black dress or black slacks?

Would you wear black glasses with your black outfit?

How would you dress up a black uniform?

Would your black pants have an elastic waist band?

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