Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess Where You Got Your Last Tattoo!

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Tattoos and Tacos is not the name of an awesome new reality show, but it should be.  They're two of life's simple, great pleasures.  A tattoo is a symbol of yourself made real. It represents a part of you, whether that's a deep part of your soul or just something you think looks totally badass.  And a taco is a symbol of tasty goodness that represents an end to your hunger. You can never go wrong with tacos, and that's a fact. Like tattoos, they will be with you for as long as you want them to be. Never judging. Never leaving. Always reliable and wonderful. 

Since tattoos and tacos are so inextricably linked, let's see if we can't dig a little bit deeper into the connection between them.  If you build us your ultimate Taco Bell order, if you tell us which menu items are the ones you can't resist and which ones you can do without, then we will take all of that information and run it through our patented Tattoo Taco Analysis Machine and determine just where on your body you got your last tattoo.  It sounds amazing but that's only because it is amazing.  Grab a taco and take the quiz!

When you're deciding on a Taco Bell order, what's always the most important factor?

If you hit up Taco Bell for some late night eats, what one thing do you need to have?

Taco Bell likes to create some crazy menu items to get attention. Which one of these would you actually want to try?

You can really power through some tacos when you're hungry. What's the most number of soft tacos you could down in one sitting?

The shell that holds your taco is integral to a delicious experience. What shell is the best?

You know what can make or break a taco? The perfect sauce. What sauce is the best?

You can't go wrong with some nachos, and Taco Bell has a few different sauces for dipping them. Which do you like best?

Taco Bell's sauce packets are pretty famous. Which sauce hits the spot?

If burritos are what you're in the market for, you can get them in a few different styles. What's the burrito for you?

Do you like quesadillas? Of course, you do! What must be stuffed in your quesadilla?

It's pretty easy to figure out what you're getting with a taco, but what about these curiously named treats? Which sounds most tempting?

You could have a taco with just meat and cheese, but wouldn't you rather have veggies? Which is the best choice?

You can add a lot to your taco to pad it out if you're so inclined. What extras would you stuff in your taco?

What goes best with fast food? Junk food! Which junk food Taco Bell mashup is the best?

Tacos are great, but they're kind of small, right? What bulkier menu item is calling your name?

You can't really have a whole taco meal without a drink. What's going to quench your thirst?

if you're not in the market for something folded or rolled in a tortilla, what menu item are you going to get?

If you've only got a buck to your name, you're in luck. Taco Bell has a dollar menu. What's your order?

If you're making it a meal, then you need a side dish. Pick one!

You know what it's like when you miss breakfast, right? What's the Taco Bell breakfast for you?

You like a burrito, right? Which burrito is the best of the best?

There's no shame in Taco Bell's dessert game. Which sweet treat can't be beat?

You can't go wrong with cheese. Which cheese-filled delight is the one for you?

Just because Taco Bell doesn't do French fries doesn't mean they haven't mastered the potato. What tater treat is best?

You have some choices to make when it comes to the protein in your taco. What do you want?

If you're feeling like eating healthy, you can order from the vegetarian menu. What sounds like the best veggie option?

You can have tacos at any time of day, but what's the best time of day?

A plain taco shell is fine, but why bother with that when there are fancy shells? Which one is the best?

Not every Taco Bell item is a winner. Which one of these was an atrocious mistake?

You're having the crew over and you need a Party Pack. What are you ordering for everyone?

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