Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess How Many People You've Slept With!

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Because they keep their marketing and menu items fresh, not many people would guess that Taco Bell is over 60 years old!  Opening its doors in 1954, Glen Bell started this fire-sauce-laden path in San Bernardino. Franchising began soon thereafter: a retired Los Angeles police officer opened the first franchise in Torrance, California, in 1964.  By the end of the 1960s, 100 Taco Bell restaurants exist in California. Today, around 7,000 of these restaurants continue to offer their Americanized Mexican food to the masses, with promotions that delight diners. With a massive selection of nibbles, it would be no surprise that we'd link Taco Bell with sexual partners.

For some people, having sex is a way to express their feeling of undying love toward their partner.  An emotional bond forms between the two, and soon it becomes unfathomable for either partner to seek another. For others, it is a way to get to know another person, where the potential of becoming a couple is dependent on how the other performs.  And for others, it is a way to pass the time, almost similar to games, and there is a feeling of conquest. In an ideal "gaming" situation, both partners have the understanding that a bond won't form and sex is just a way to release the tension of everyday life.

Let's do a little experiment.  Build the Taco Bell order of your dreams and we'll try to guess how many lovers you've had.

When it comes to Taco Bell, how do you usually order your food?

When you're driving about, looking for good food, what makes you decide that Taco Bell is the perfect idea?

How did you feel about the Taco Bell chihuahua?

Who are you bringing with you during your Taco Bell run?

Which of the sauces is your favorite?

Did you like Taco Bell's fries?

Would you order a Naked Chicken Chalupa?

You've just had a rough day at work. What kind of sweet treat do you get?

Which of these would you dip your tortilla chips into?

What kind of Taco Bell nachos are your favorite?

Have you ever eaten off of the Power Menu?

What traditional Mexican food or drink would you like to see on a menu?

Which filling would you get on your order?

Would you ever eat the vegetarian options on the menu?

Are you a fan of refried beans?

Do you like Mexican rice?

When you're cooking tacos at home, do you ever wish that they were Taco Bell tacos?

Do you get extra cheese or meat on your order?

Do you eat soft or hard shell tacos?

Which side is your favorite?

Have you ever been guilty of buying more than four tacos?

Taco Bell offers catering. Which event would you hire them for?

Would you eat a chocolate taco if it were available?

Which of these Freezes would you get to wash down your meal?

Which Taco Bell Party Pack would you get for your friends?

Which quesadilla would you eat?

Which flavor of Doritos Tacos Locos is your favorite?

What time do you usually eat Taco Bell?

When it comes to innovative food, Taco Bell has had quite a few items that no one has ever thought of before. Which one have you eaten?

Would you grab breakfast at Taco Bell?

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