Build a Taco Bell Order and We’ll Guess Which Zodiac Sign You’re Compatible With

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Glenn Bell opened the first Taco Bell franchise in 1964 in Torrence, California. Bell started out running a number of fast-casual Tex-Mex restaurants, including El Taco. When he sold El Taco to his partner, he opened up Taco Bell, and by 1967 the brand had 100 restaurants. In 1978, Taco Bell was bought by PepsiCo, whose restaurant division was changed to Yum! Brands, of which Taco Bell is a subsidiary.

Taco Bell is known for some great food items, and while it's also known for its fair share of public relations nightmares, they always seem to bounce back. And how could they not? With offerings like the Crunchwrap Supreme, Doritos Locos Tacos and their line of hot sauce packets, it's no wonder people keep going back time and time again. You could order something different on every visit and still be a very frequent visitor. 

The order you build at Taco Bel could help determine what kind of person you are meant to be with. If you go with the super spicy hot sauce, you could get along most with someone else who also opts for that sauce. Build your Taco Bell order, and we'll guess what zodiac sign you're compatible with!

You didn't have time to make breakfast, so you're stopping for some on the way to work. What are you choosing?

Are you getting anything on the side of your breakfast?

Which combo from the ones below are you chowing down on?

Out of all the tacos, which one do you like the best for an afternoon snack?

What are you washing all of this down with?

Let's build a burrito! What main item are you filling it with?

Are you getting rice and beans?

Adding any crunchy bits to the burrito?

Will you get the burrito toasted?

Do you want a sweet spice after all that savory food?

What side are you getting with your lunch?

Off the "Power Menu," which item are you going with?

Can you pick your favorite quesadilla from the options below?

Sometimes nachos are the way to go. Which ones do want?

Which value menu item are you stocking up on?

Time to party! Which Party Pack are you serving up to your guests?

How will you customize a vegetarian bowl?

New items pop up all the time. What new menu item are you dying to try?

Taco Bell has a lot of specialty items, so which one tickles your tastebuds?

What topping are you adding to your nachos?

You're having dinner in tonight. What are you having delivered to your door?

How do you take your XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito?

Besides cheese, what are you putting in your quesadilla?

What icy beverage are you taking to a sick friend?

Out of the combos below, which one are you ordering?

Which hot sauce are you topping your Taco Bell order with?

You're craving a taco salad. What protein are you filling that crispy shell with?

Which of the Doritos Locos Tacos do you favor?

Do you prefer soft shell or hard shell?

Which vegetarian menu item satisfies your cravings?

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