Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess What High School Stereotype You Were

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If there's one thing high school movies have taught us over the years, it's that everyone in high school meets some kind of high-school stereotype.  On one side of the cafeteria, there was a table of jocks.  On the other side, there were band geeks.  In the back were the burnouts.  Near the door were the mean girls.  The class clown, the art kids, the outcasts, the drama kids, the hipsters, they were all there.  That was high school.  

Now sure, not all stereotypes are accurate, but it's safe to say you probably fit into one or two at least a little bit.  And knowing that you fit into a certain clique back in the day probably shaped your personality in ways you don't even realize.  In fact, if you were to do something as simple as build a Taco Bell order for us, let us know what you like and what you don't like, we can tell just what you were like in high school.  Sound impossible? There's a lot more in a Taco Bell order than you might think. What motivates you to choose tomatoes over onion or a Crunchwrap over a Mexican Pizza can say a lot. 

So let us know your burrito beliefs and we'll peg your high school stereotype!

Just imagine you're at the drive-thru right now. You spaced out for a second, people are honking, the voice on the intercom is pleading for your order. You blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. What is it?

Are you a chicken fanatic? What's the most delicious chicken-filled item at Taco Bell?

What is far and away the single greatest item Taco Bell has ever sold?

You can't love an entire menu, probably. What do you have no desire to ever try from Taco Bell?

Meat is the key to a good taco, isn't it? Which meat is the best?

A human can't live on protein in a tortilla alone. What vegetable belongs in a taco above all others?

How do you like your meal wrapped up, anyway?

Taco Bell's got all the beans you need and then some. Which bean-filled food is calling your name?

Are you a steak fan? You'd better be, because you need to pick one of these steak-filled items!

There's no shame in your dessert game. Pick the best sweet treat for you.

Any restaurant will sell you a cold drink, but Taco Bell will hook you up with a Freeze. Which Freeze is the coolest?

Sauce packets are famous for having funny sayings on them and also for being full of sauce. What sauce do you like most?

You know how sometimes you just crave a potato? Which potato-filled item do you want?

You can hook yourself up with a salad at Taco Bell if that's on your to-do list. What salad sounds best?

High-school kids are notoriously short of funds, but could probably afford some Dollar Cravings. What dollar item sounds best to you?

If you were forced to order just from the taco menu, which taco would you be taking home?

You know, those sauce packets aren't the only sauce in town. What sauce are you getting them to put on your order?

Have you seen all the extra stuff sitting behind the counter they can put on a taco? What upgrade are you in the market for?

Some days a taco is just not big enough to satisfy your hunger. Pick a bulkier option!

Cheese may be the most perfect food in existence. What cheesy menu option is singing your song?

No one wants a plain order of nachos - that's weird. You need a sauce for dipping. Pick yours!

A quesadilla is usually a tortilla, cheese and another tortilla, but not always. How do you like yours?

Taco Bell will really go all out to fancy up a tortilla shell sometimes. Which item with a crazy tortilla was best?

There have been some big mistakes in Taco Bell's history. Which items just didn't work at all?

Tacos are great, but show some love for the burritos. Which burrito is best?

Most of Taco Bell's menu is folded in half or wrapped up, but not all of it is! Which not-folded or wrapped option is for you?

Crank up the heat by ordering something a little spicy?

What style of burritos seems like the style you'd be most likely to order?

Have you ever considered going vegetarian? Pick your vegetarian option.

No one works magic with junk food like Taco Bell. Which junk food mashup was the best?

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