Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess What High School Stereotype You Are

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Culinary delights speak miles and miles of words, lending revelation to personalities. Think about it: if you like sweets, you might be a hopeless romantic. If you're into spicy food, we're willing to bet you're a daredevil or risk taker. The list can go on and on. But has anyone ever tried figuring out someone's personality by their Taco Bell order? It's not an easy feat. You have to know what parameters guide you in evaluating a person's psyche, because that Taco Bell menu isn't a breeze. There's a lot to choose from!

Thankfully, we've broken it down for you. It's fairly easy. All you need to do is take this quiz right now. Breaking down the menu never seemed easier. Who knew there were subtle cues to a person's mindset and spirituality based on the type of taco they're eating? Not even Sigmund Freud has any deets on this theory. But it's true. We dare you to give it a shot. If we're wrong on your high school personality, we'll owe you a taco! But if we're right.... Well, we'll let you think on that!

What's the first thing that pops in your mind when you look at the Beefy 5-layer Burrito?

Do you like your burritos "GRILLED STUFT" or "regular"?

How happy does a Fiesta Taco Salad make you?

How fast can you eat a Shredded Chicken Burrito?

If you were to order a Power Menu Burrito, what would be your reason for doing that?

What's your ideal snack - the Cheesy Roll-Up or the Cheesy Potato Griller?

Ever heard of the "Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco"?

Do you think having a "Mexican Pizza" makes sense?

What does a cheese quesadilla look like to you?

Can you eat an entire Power Menu Bowl?

When you hear the term "Meximelt," what's the first thing that pops in your mind?

Would you like to play shuffleboard with a Crunchwrap Supreme?

What do you think cheerleaders would eat from the Taco Bell Menu?

You're in high school Spanish class.... So what exactly is a "Quesarito"?

If you had to choose between a Chicken Quesadilla and a Nachos BellGrande to offer to your math teacher just so you can get a good grade, which one would you give that teacher?

You just finished your final exam - what do you want to eat?

How many Cinnabon Delights can you eat in one minute?

You want to offer some food to your significant other to eat. What do you give?

What's your ideal Taco Bell beverage to nab before getting to school?

It's breakfast time. You're heading to school. You see Taco Bell. You think "mmmmm...." What are you thinking of buying?

You think you can handle a Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito?

If you were dared by your high school arch rival to eat a Spicy Tostada, would you do it?

You're getting a party pack of tacos for a school function, but you have to drive a good 30 minutes to get back on campus. How many tacos are left?

Is the Naked Chicken Chalupa really that daring?

You have a choice of a nachos platter to buy. Which one do you buy?

You want something simpler to snack on after chowing down on a few big burritos. What are you focusing on?

What would you pair with a taco in a combo?

If you had to have a burrito, what would be your first choice for meat?

What's one thing you wish the Taco Bell menu could have?

If you had to buy a party pack, who would it be for?

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