Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess the First Initial of Your Soulmate's Name

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Relationships can be hard.  Some people seem to fall in love the way the rest of us fall on some slippery ice. It looks so easy for other people, and then here you are trying to figure out if you're wasting your time with one person or another.  There has to be an easier way to find someone to share your time with.  Or at least more reliable than Tinder.  But hey, if all else fails there's at least one comforting thing you can count on - Taco Bell.  Taco Bell is always there for you.  Taco Bell will always listen to your needs and give you what you want. Taco Bell cares.

You may doubt the connection between romance and Taco Bell.  After all, if a date took you to Taco Bell there's a good chance you'd be underwhelmed.  But your taste in food and your taste in potential partners have to have some connections, don't you think?  It just makes sense.  In fact, if you were to tell us about your particular tastes, there's a good chance we could distill that information and come up with the first initial of a name.  The name of the person you're meant to spend the rest of your life with.  It's not impossible, it's Taco Bell in action.  Take the quiz and see!

If you had been unable to get to a Taco Bell for a few months, and then you finally got the chance, what would you have to order?

If you're ordering from Taco Bell then you better believe you're getting something with cheese. Which cheese is the best to add to your order?

The soft taco is the most popular item on the Taco Bell menu. How many could you eat in one sitting?

Taco Bell is all about taco innovation. Which item that no other restaurant would ever sell do you like the most?

You can get a frosty cool drink in the form of a Freeze at Taco Bell. What flavor sounds best to you?

Taco Bell's sauce packets are pretty fun and the sauce isn't too bad either. What sauce do you need with your order?

Taco Bell is all about that crunchy texture. Which of these texture-filled treats is going to taste best?

You can't always tell what you're going to get based on the name alone. Which of these weirdly named items would you try out?

You probably want some kind of meat in your order. What kind is calling your name?

If you were just down for some chicken-filled goodness at Taco Bell, what would you order?

If steak is your meat of choice, Taco Bell has a lot of options. Which one sounds best?

If beans are your thing, there's a nearly endless supply of options. Which bean-filled favorite would you pick?

Maybe you're more concerned with getting a big helping of cheese with your meal than anything else. Pick your cheesy favorite.

You can't just have a taco with nothing but meat on it. Or you shouldn't, anyway. Pick a veggie!

Any good taco needs some kind of sauce on it, too. Which sauce is for you?

Tell us what kind of side dish would elevate your Taco Bell meal.

You can never go wrong with a side of nachos. But no one eats plain chips, that's weird. What do you dip your nachos in?

Taco Bell is great for dinner, but have you ever tried Taco Bell breakfast? Pick your early morning favorite.

Are you a dessert fan? Pick your Taco Bell dessert favorite.

There are potatoes a-plenty at Taco Bell. What potato item sounds tastiest?

A normal taco or burrito just has one tortilla, but Taco Bell doubles down on a few items. Pick your favorite two-tortilla treat!

Some days all you need is a quesadilla. Pick the best quesadilla of the bunch!

Taco Bell has managed to perfectly marry their menu with popular junk food items. Which junk food mash-up do you crave?

Let's play a little numbers game. Which numerically inspired menu item sounds the tastiest?

If you're paying for a taco anyway, you may as well load it with extras. What upgrade items are you asking for?

Lots of Taco Bell menu items come jam-packed with rice. Which rice-filled item will satisfy your hunger?

Every so often, Taco Bell misses the mark and makes a super weird item. What weird menu item sounds the most terrible?

Taco Bell fancies up a tortilla sometimes. Which one of these unique tortillas sounds best?

When you feel like heading to Taco Bell, what time of day is it?

If you're expecting friends, then you need a Party Pack! Pick one!

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