Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess How Many People You've Slept With

Ian Fortey

Image: Taco Bell

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For as long as people have been eating, they've also been having sex.  Probably breathing and drinking too, but let's not make it complicated.  Food and sex are two pretty simple biological imperatives that we all have to address sometime. But it doesn't need to be as cold and scientific-sounding as all that, does it?  Of course not. It's the modern world.  We can have some fun with both of these things.  We can enjoy the company of special someone and we can also enjoy a Crunchwrap Supreme.  Maybe not at the same time, but they can still be enjoyed. 

Now finding a clear link between sex and food may seem difficult, but there are some subtle clues you can pick out when you know someone's culinary proclivities. If, for instance, you were to tell us your thoughts on a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza, or even a soft taco and a Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze, then it's entirely possible we could gain untold insight into your true nature.  We could probably even guess exactly how many people you've slept with before.  Don't believe it?  Take the quiz and see!

What's the single greatest menu item in Taco Bell's history?

What is the one topping you must have on a soft taco to make it perfect?

Which vegetable topping is the best one available at Taco Bell?

Which Taco Bell dessert sounds like it would satisfy your sweet tooth the best?

How do you wrap up your meal from Taco Bell?

What kind of protein makes for the best taco?

You need to have a drink to wash those tacos down, so what will you order?

If you've been driving all night and see a Taco Bell at the break of dawn, what breakfast would you order?

There are so many burrito varieties available, which one sounds most delicious?

Do you like things spicy? Which kind of sauce has the right kick?

You can order all kinds of extras on a taco. What would you add?

There are a lot of unique sauce choices to boost the flavor of your taco, which one sounds best?

Taco Bell has a lot of choices, but what do you wish they gave as an option for taco filling that they currently don't?

You can order your taco in a few styles. Which one sounds most appealing?

What's the best thing to stuff in your quesadilla?

Nachos are a fantastic snack food item, but they need dip. What do you dip your nachos in?

Not every tortilla is plain Jane. Which exotic tortilla is your favorite?

Sometimes you need something a little bulkier than a taco. Which of these sounds best?

If you only had a dollar to your name, what would you order from the Dollar Craving Menu?

What's your Taco Bell side dish of choice?

Most fast food joints sell fries, but not Taco Bell. They do have potatoes on the menu though. Which tater dish is the best?

Which Taco Bell combo would hit the spot right now?

Are you a vegetarian? Taco Bell has your back! Which vegetarian item sounds best?

If you have a lot of hungry people around, you need a Party Pack. What kind are you ordering?

What's the best protein choice for your breakfast taco?

Taco Bell specializes in wrapping things in other things. Which wrapped-up treat is the best?

A lot of Taco Bell menu items have gone the way of the dodo. Which discontinued menu item do you wish you could try?

Of all the discontinued items on the Taco Bell menu, which one are you most glad is gone?

Taco Bell is known for some crazy menu items. Which one is the most baffling to you?

Sometimes the best side dish for a taco is a different kind of fast food. What do you want on the side?

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