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Believe it or not, the invention of the sandwich may have been the product of a bad royal habit. John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, was fairly controversial. He was accused of bribery and corruption, and many of his military decisions were questioned.

The Earl also loved him a good card game. Legend holds that at some point during his 18th century time in power – probably in the 1760s – Montagu was putting in a marathon session at the table and didn't want to take time away from the game to eat. He instructed his servant to place the meat he was being served in between slices of bread so that he could eat while playing. Over time, his gambling partners observed this habit and began emulating it with their own meals, calling for their meat to be prepared "like Sandwich has it."

Of course, historians debate whether this origin is a real story or a folk tale – some argue that the Earl simply wanted to be able to eat without stopping his work. Either way, by the time the American Revolution broke out, the sandwich was an established meal in England. In fact, it wasn't until well into the 1800s that the sandwich earned significant popularity in the States, as newly-free colonists still associated the food with their previous rulers.

Luckily, that trend changed, and the sandwich is now enjoyed all over the country. In fact, each region has its own distinct spin on this classic dish. Answer the questions below, and we'll guess where in the U.S. you are enjoying your sandwich!

Here's your chance to settle a long-running debate: is a hot dog a sandwich?

What kind of fruit or vegetable is a must-have for your sandwich?

The presentation can sometimes be a big part of a sandwich's appeal. How should your sandwich be presented to you?

You can't have a sandwich without bread. What's your favorite loaf?

Some love them, some hate them – do you want pickles on your sandwich?

In some areas, sandwiches are served in generous portions. Do you usually eat the whole sandwich in one sitting?

There are so many wonderful settings for sandwich eating. Where's your ideal environment to chow down?

How long should it take to make a great-tasting sandwich?

Which of these would be your main ingredient for a sandwich?

Many people like to order sandwiches to save themselves the cooking time. Which of the mainstream sub-franchises is your favorite?

Sandwiches are typically a main dish, served with something else. What's your ideal sandwich side?

They can be served at all sorts of temperatures – do you like your sandwiches hot or cold?

It's considered one of the most popular sandwich toppings with younger generations – how do you feel about avocado on your sandwich?

A zesty sauce can take any sandwich to the next level. What's your dressing of choice?

Many sandwiches are served on rolls – what's your favorite kind of roll?

Some sandwiches can get a bit messy. Do you prefer eating sandwiches with utensils, or your hands?

Would you rather have a sandwich made at home, or pick it up from a store?

Any meal is better with a tasty beverage. What are you having to wash down your sandwich?

Believe it or not, this trend is popular in some areas – would you ever put chips on your sandwich?

Many restaurants offer both of these foods – do you prefer sandwiches or pizza?

One significant regional characteristic of sandwiches is what they are called. Which of these names are you most likely to use for a sandwich?

The U.S. isn't the only country that loves sandwiches. Which of these is your favorite international sandwich?

Lots of great sandwiches are made based on cold cuts. What's your favorite?

Who do you know personally that makes the best sandwiches?

What is the best way for your sandwich to be cut?

You just got done eating a sandwich – what are you most likely to be doing next?

Lettuce is another classic element of a great sandwich. What type of lettuce is your favorite?

Cheese is the perfect topping on a sandwich – what's your cheese of choice?

Sloppy Joe is an example of a sandwich known for going everywhere. Do you prefer your sandwiches neat or messy?

We think they are great for any meal, but what time of day are you most likely to eat a sandwich?

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